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Rhode Island

Wholesale Flowers

Hi Ladies!

My fiance's aunt has graciously offered to do our flowers for us ( she is a florist in Chicago) and said we just need to get the flowers locally from someone that sells wholesale flowers or even 1800 flowers and she will put the bouquets together. Has anyone done this before? I have no idea how to go about doing this. I know she will tell us how much to get of each flower, but getting them is the problem I am having. Any ideas? Thank you!
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Re: Wholesale Flowers

  • i2012doi2012do member
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    My best friend used 50 flowers. com for her flowers.
    The only suggestion she had would be to order them to arrive 3 days before the wedding.
     they came in 2 days before and looked beautiful but they would have been more open if she got them 3 days before.

    She got enough roses to do 6 BM bouquets and her own for about $350.00
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  • KBinRIKBinRI member
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    Robin Hollow Farm in Saunderstown also does bulk flower orders. Beautiful and organic and she's a sweetheart. 

    Sam's Club online also sells them but half of my order got delayed in Miami and were going to arrive too late for my wedding, so I can't really recommend them. The half that did arrive were the wrong color; however, the two days in advance was perfect for them; by the end of the night they were almost too open, so I'd say it depends on the flower. 
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  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    I second Robin's Hollow Farm and I would even suggest checking out Whole Foods for bulk orders.
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    My SIL is doing the same for me she said she's worked with Carbone's in Cranston and that there really great Best of Luck :)
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    Thanks so much Ladies! My future SIL used 1800 flowers and they didn't come in when they were supposed to ( 2 days before I think?) and they came in one day before the wedding. I would die. I will call these vendors. Thanks!!!!!
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    tell her to look into RJ Carbone they are a big wholesale company for flowers. Good luck!

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