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March 2012 Weddings

Venue Booked... How is your wedding planning going?

My FI and I booked our wedding today.  Yes it's almost 2 years away but we had to secure the date.  I was surprised to find out we're not the only ones who have already booked for 2012. 

I was wondering how all of you ladies are doing with wedding planning?
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Re: Venue Booked... How is your wedding planning going?

  • Congrats on getting your venue! Big step forward!

    I am very excited, actually, because in 2 weeks I'm going to try on some dresses for the first time & we're in the process of looking at venues. Not a whole lot more has been done but we have pleanty of time so whats the rush?
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  • We've got the venue picked and will be booking soon :) Can't wait to make some actual plans instead of tossing ideas about. I've tried on some dresses to get ideas of what I like and such. I really love having all this time to plan! I've got a growing list of DIY projects to eventually tackle :)
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    We have got our venue picked and will book in a few weeks, Just needed to know what they wanted deposit wise!! We were planning to book right away but they want the whole rental price to book and hold our date.

    Good thing we don't need to pay for the menu or the alcohol yet!! But we have our quote so it's saving time now!!

  • Hello my fellow March 2012 brides!
    My FI and I are just beginning to get our feet wet with all of the planning. I thought we had the perfect venue, but after talking to my planner we decided to keep looking. The plan is to pick and book the venue next month. I have a ton of ideas, because I have been doing a lot of research. And since time is passing by SO fast we are about to start putting some of our plans into action.
    Happy planning to you all!
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  • I am glad to see that I am not the only gal planning a longer engagement!  I want to enjoy this time and have plenty of time to save money for the expenses of the big day.  I have my first appt to look at a venue tomorrow, but I am already in love with it!  Hopefully things will work out for it and I will be able to book!  I am looking forward to hearing ideas from everyone that I am sharing this special time with!  (i.e. you!)

  • I had hoped to have found a venue yesterday, but it turned out it was booked already!! I was so shocked. Still looking for a place that will be exactly what I'm imagining it to be. It's tougher than I thought. Places are a lot less flexible than I thought, but I'm hoping to have a place booked by the end of the year. That's the plan at least. We'll see how it works!! 

    And I'm with sctfrk1314... LOTS of DIY projects lined up. Just waiting on the money to buy everything I need.
  • Found a hall we like, just need to go put down the deposit.  Not sure when, cause FI and I are both crazy busy for the next week.  Hoping to get the deposit in within the next few weeks.  :)
  • Hello Fellow March brides I am newly engaged just a week we have been looking at every sort of idea/ venue possible!!! Hopefully by Dec or Jan we will have our venue booked!!!
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  • Here I was thinking I was the only nut ;) planning this far in advance. We just booked our venue last weekend. We were originally just looking to get ideas,  but ended up loving it so much we figured, why not? I was shocked to see some places had bookings into 2013!! It seems Saturdays go fast, and we def. wanted a Saturday. Happy planning everyone. :)
  • Congrats!  That's so exciting!
    My boyfriend and I have been talking engagement for the last month and I know it'll be before March 2011 because we agreed on at least a one year engagemet.
     I have heard a lot of talk from brides and on this site that I should book stuff ASAP but with no ring yet I feel a little silly.
    We have done some planning tho.  His family is all over the place so we decided on a date to give them enough time to be able to come to California.  We decided March 2012 also because I am 8 months away from graduation and don't want to be doing homework on my honeymoon!
    I know my colors and theme and some other things but nothing is booked...
  • @gooseandroo
    Where were you thinking of for your location? I see you are a fellow NorCal bride and I'm sorta stumped for venues! =/
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