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Hi everyone!
I just had to write a post on Stoilov Studios. We have Todd booked for our wedding 10.9.10 and we had our engagement photos with him today. He posted a few on his webiste and WOW! I am blown away with how good they came out! He is super affordable and wonderful to work with! If you are looking for a photographer in VT (or other New England states) you should seriously think about him!
Check out his blog - our pictures are the first ones (Chris and Chrissy).
Hubby + Vasectomy = IUI with Donor.
March 2011 - IUI #1 = BFN
April 2011 - IUI #2 = BFN
May 2011 - Monitored IUI cycle to see what's going on. Ha! Tons of follicles, none big enough to do insemination.
June 2011 - Nothing - unexplained (probably stress) 58 day cycle.
July 2011 - Switch from Clomid to Letrozole. Let's get these follicles growing! 2 follicles big enough, HCG injection, BFN
Break taken to focus on our marriage and less on not getting pregnant.
February 2012 - Ready to get back on the horse and try IUI #4 - - BFN
May 2012 - IUI #5 with Letrozole and HCG - BFN
June 2012 - Doctor wants to move to injectible IUI or IVF. We don't want IVF but agree to do injections.
Currently - Saving money for Injectible IUI cycle and taking the first steps towards adoption!

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