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Photography Proofs/Blogs


For those who have already gotten married, used professional photographers, or just have any knowledge about this...

How long is appropriate to wait for your finished Wedding Pictures??

Not necessarily the photo album but just a preview or a Blog on the photographers website??

Should one send an email or make a phone call to inquire about how long it may take??

Any suggestions or advice would be very helpful.  I'm trying to be patient  :o)

Thank you.

Re: Photography Proofs/Blogs

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    edited December 2011
    I had some of my pictures ready to preview online after about a week.  I think they were all ready and on a disc for me after 3 weeks.  Do you have a contract with a date for when they will be ready?  If not, I certainly don't think it is inappropriate to call and ask when you can expect them.
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    I am not married yet, but in my photographer's contract it states how long it will be before we receive the disc with the photos.  I think ours is 4-6 weeks.

    I don't see a problem with giving them a call to see how long it will be.
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    Thank you.

    I think I will check out my contract and go from there. We have only been married for a month but I was hoping to get a preview of the photos sooner than this.  I don't expect the entire package/photo album to be ready but I just want a glimpse of our day!
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    We had a preview on the blog about a month after the wedding.  I think all of our pictures came in about 2.5 months after the wedding.
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    Thanks Abbey, I know we had same photographer so that makes it so much easier for me to be patient... I know she is extremely busy, no worries but... You know!! You just can't wait to see the big day!!! I will be patient, of course, because I know her pictures will be well worth the wait!!!
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    Ah, I totally forgot about that when I responded!  Yeah, it took about a month to get ours up on the blog.  And, from what I've been reading on there, the blog posts are running a little behind, I think.  I know they are super busy!  It will totally be worth the wait, though. 

    I checked the blog like everyday when I was waiting, but she called right before she put it up to let me know to check it out.  I may have looked at it several times a day for a few weeks after it was finally up Embarassed  It's worth the wait!

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