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My fiancé and I are looking for a photographer. We have narrowed down our selection, but now we are debating on whether or not we should purchase digital negatives. The photographers we have been looking at charge $500 for the digital negatives.

At first, I was dead set on purchasing the negatives, but now I'm wondering if it is even worth it. Any thoughts? I'm worried we may spend $500, but we will just put the cd in a box. I'd love any feedback. Thanks!!

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    We have our "negatives". I think it was a good choice. We've used them to make our own albums, Christmas Cards, prints. 
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    I think it's a great idea. Pictures can get damaged, but you can put that disc away and have all those pics for ever. Plus it makes it really easy to print the pics for family/friends. However, I have never heard of a photographer charging more for digital negitives. Our are included.
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    What's a digital negative?
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    Get the negatives! You only get married once and you have no idea how many gems could be hidden away in that disc. Even if it sits in a box.. who cares? It's $500 and those images are irreplacable. If something happens to your prints, you want to be able to replace them. Also, like the other gal said, holiday cards, gifts, prints, whatever. You will want contorl over your pictures, or at least I would. I give everybody all their negatives without a charge, but  if you have to pay for them, do it. It's worth it.
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    I think getting the negatives are super important. But if its not a huge priority for you maybe you can wait on buying the negatives until after the wedding? And then that way you can decide later if you want all those images... and I'm betting you wilL!
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    "Negatives" are a good idea.  If you want to email photos to family members, or post them up on a social networking site (aka Facebook), you'll need to have the digital copy.

    My husband and I include the digital disc with most packages.  

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