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One Big Shower?

My bridal party wants to rent a room to host one big bridal shower.

Is it normal/ OK to invite women from both sides of the wedding to one shower? It will end up being about 50 women.

They keep assuring me that they are happy to host such a large event, and that it will be easier to have one large shower. I'm just torn... it may be a logistical nightmare, and really opening 50ish gifts seems like it will take a long time and people might get bored.

Has anyone had just one shower? Any ideas on how to make it run smoothly?
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Re: One Big Shower?

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    I do not see anything wrong with it! It might be nice to have one big shower! My sister got married and she had a smaller one, his side of the family didn't have one. If they are organized enough and can make sure it goes smooth I would go for it! As for presents, that is allot of gifts to open at once. 
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    I am having one shower and there will be a little over 50 guests.
    As a BM and MOH in the past I have thrown showers with anywhere from 25-70 guests.
    I dont think you need to do anything differently to make it run smoothly.
    With more guests you just need more food, drinks, tables and chairs. Everything else is the same.
    Have fun & enjoy!
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    I went to a big shower once that had a unique idea for the gifts.  Each gift box was unwrapped and left opened with a tag showing who it was from.  When it was time to "open" the gifts, the bride to be just held each one up and thanked the giver.  Then everybody marched past the gifts and could look for themselves.  It saved a lot of time.  Btw, to keep the cost down it was held in a hall with disposable supplies.  This website has a great variety of themes you might want to consider and their solid colors are really cheap:
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    Yes, it's fine. We had one big shower for my friends and family and his family. It went great.
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