I live in northern cali and dont want to travel TOO much for my hm. 

where is a good place to go? where are all of you going? i was thinking maybe napa...but i dont i am not sure if it will be AS fun. or possibly the oregon coast. i live close to sac.

any suggestions? (:

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    what about san diego? it's just a short plane ride from Sac. I guess it depends on what you guys want to do. There's Yosemite not far from you or Tahoe. The Oregon coast sounds really nice. Oh what about Monetery/Carmel?
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    ya we were thinking Monetery/carmel. (: Thanks!!! (: 

    we dont wanna do TOO so cal (like san diego) cuz my FI has been in Corona, Ca for school this whole time. lol. he's over it. lol. 

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    haha... yeah i can se not wanting to go to SoCal then. try out monterey/carmel. carmel is really romantic and monterey has the aquarium which is really fun. you can also take a day trip down the coast from there... like to big sur or something.
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    I live near Sac.  What about Fort Bragg, or Half Moon Bay.  I grew up near Half Moon Bay and that would only be a few hours.

    Or there is always Tahoe.

    As for myself we are are flying to Long Beach and leaving on a cruise to Mexico but that is further than you wanted to go.
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    What about Mendocino? We went there for our anniversary. Quaint, quiet, seaside town with romantic little B&Bs. We stayed at Glendeven Inn. They have a little seaside cottage that you can rent too. I liked Glendeven alot. We stayed in the Briar Rose room and it was really nice. Plus breakfast in bed everyday...  

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    Oregon Coast is beautiful.  I have never personally been to this hotel but have heard great thing about it. Definitly think northern CA coast or Oregon Coast for lots of relaxation.
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    thanks girls!!! (: 

    you are a lot of help! 
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    I also recommend Half Moon Bay, although many of the nice B&Bs are expensive.  My favorite B&Bs from online are the Old Thyme Inn and the Mill Rose Inn.  Romantic breakfasts served to your room, deep soaking tubs, walks by the ocean...would be soooo nice.  :)  We were going to have our wedding night at one of these places, but we decided to save up for our actual honeymoon trip.  Have fun!!
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    We are going to South Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon- You can try yosemite, santa cruz, napa, North lake Tahoe, Shasta Lake, SoCal -Beach cities ( Newport, Hunningto Beach) Disneyland!
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