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David's Bridal In Mays Landing New Jersey DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THERE!!

 Hello Brides,

My Name is Dara Bevan. I recently was married on April 3, 2011. In September of last year I went to David's Bridal near my hometown here in NJ. I tried on some gowns and knew as soon as I put my gown on that it was the one. Of course I tried on many veils to go with it. The problem was when I left the store and met up with my Fiance..he noticed something crawling on a side piece of my hair. It was headlice. We went to the drugstore and bought lice treatment which we had to buy more than one bottle since I have long hair as well as protective spray for our home, it ended up costing $ 90.00. When my hair was getting treated my fiance noticed that there were only two bugs in my hair and they had just started to lay eggs..hence the only place I had been was David's Bridal. I immediately called them to let them know that they needed to pull the veils I tried on off the sales floor and told them that they needed to treat them since I had only been there and must of been infected from trying on headpieces. There was no compassion or compensation from the manager. Then my dress came in as well as my shoes and veil. All 3 were different colors!!! My veil was darker then my dress and shoes. My dress looked white instead of ivory and my shoes were horrible. I took all three items back into the store and was then informed that they sent the shoes and veil out to a different company then the dress came from and that the dress was the color of "bridal ivory". My confusion was when they put the veil with the dress and the shoes in the back, why didn't they notice the color difference? Or did they care? Then I was told that my shoes might not be able to be fixed so I would have to pick out a different pair ( since the style I had chosen was sold out ) and I would have to pay the difference! Again no compassion or compensation from the manager. Finally after being stressed beyond belief, they fixed the veil and the shoes. I then had to take get my alterations done. When I went to pick up my dress and after spending just about $200.00, I try on my dress and there are creases in the whole back bottom of my dress. I then asked the representative, if they would come out when it was steamed, she informed me that it already had been. What?!! So again I speak to a manager and was informed to bring my dress back during the week prior to my wedding. I dropped my dress off on a Wednesday and picked up on Friday. I had my fiance with me so I was not able to check the dress. We dropped it off at my in-laws home for safe keeping. That sunday was my wedding day. I went in the early afternoon and picked up my gown as well as all the accessories that went with it. My Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid and I were getting ready in the Bridal Suite when I decided to take my dress out of its cover bag to air it out a little bit before the ceremony, it is now 2 hours until I was to be walking down the aisle. When I opened that bag I had the biggest shock of my life..it was NOT my dress!! They had given me the WRONG dress. I had some poor brides gown that was getting married on April 9th. The dress was nothing like mine and her and my name was no where near similar. I called David's Bridal hysterical as you can imagine. I told them what happened but the customer service person on the other end of the phone was too busy talking to other people and laughing to care about my situation and then the line went dead. I then had to call back..I was asked where I was and asked if I could pick up the dress..OMG, Seriously?? Thank God my Hair and makeup artist along with my Bridesmaid went to go get it and saved the day. Of course again, there was no compassion or compensation for them putting me through hell. After my husband's and my honeymoon, I went to that david's bridal and spoke again with the manager telling her how unsatisfied I am with their store and their customer service. After eveything they have screwed up on since September, the only compensation I have received is my dress being preserved for $ 105.00, not even the best preservation they offer at $ 150.00. Then I had to fight for my veil to be preserved as well. All the manager did was void out my alterations, credit them to the store and then used that money to pay for my dress and veil to be preserved, SO it was like I paid for it anyway. SO, I am Warning ALL Brides, if you live in NJ, DO NOT go to David's Bridal in Mays Landing New Jersey. Save yourself the pain and aggrevation. When planning your wedding, its stressful enough the last thing that should be horrible is dealing with your wedding gown store.

Re: David's Bridal In Mays Landing New Jersey DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THERE!!

  • Post this on the NJ and SNJ boards as well.

    I would write corporate. That is nuts!
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  • OMG that is horrible I would post this on your local board definately.  I am sooo sorry you went through that.  They should be happy someone told them to do something with the veils cause they might all have lice on them, instead it seems they were more annoyed by it (that's dirty of them literally).

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  • Sorry but I can't help it - You didn't look at your dress not once after you picked it up that final time?? Until 2 hours before the wedding?? I would probably be looking at it non-stop! Especially checking there were no lice on it!
    David's Bridal are so hit-and-miss - I dont' think they care at all!!
  • ewww.  I would freak the hell out if I got head lice from trying on veils. 
  • Wow. Worst horror story ever. That's so awful!! I hate DB anyway from previous experiences but this will certainly make it so that I never shop there.
  • This is why I hate David's Bridal...
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  • My only piece of advice is to all other brides (and you can still file a complaint after all this time) is to contact the board of health.  Anytime there is a lice problem in a public/private place (schools, hotels, stores, etc.) they are required to notify the local Board of Health.

    PS  Congrats!

  • Dear EllenG27,
    No I couldnt look at my dress when I picked it up, as previously explained, my fiance was with me at the time and then we had to drop it off at my in-laws home for safe keeping. I didnt have the opportunity before the wedding day since I picked it up on friday and the wedding ceremony was that sunday.

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