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Bachelorette Spa Day with no Bridesmaids?!

So my sister, MOH, is planning a spa day for my bachelorette party. This is actually perfect for me, however NONE of the other bridesmaids--3 future SIL--are going! So it's really just my mom, sister, future MIL, future cousins and some friends.

So I really wanted to get the girls monogrammed robes for the spa day, but do I also have to get the bridesmaids who are not going robes too? What about my mom and MIL?

I mean the whole robe idea was to serve double duty-spa day and cute getting ready pictures on the day of of the wedding, but that would mean I would have to buy 10 robes! At $30 each thats a lot of dough....

Thoughts everyone?? Thanks!
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Re: Bachelorette Spa Day with no Bridesmaids?!

  • Skip the robes.  TBH most people dislike monogram items and won't ever use them again.
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    I agree to skip the robes. Let people wear what they want and are comfortable in to get ready. 
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  • wow, thanks! i was thinking that as long as they were in neutral colors like black or gray and didn't say bridesmaid everywhere on them, they would be more useful...TFTH!
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