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Hi ladies!! So I am getting married May 19, 2012 and have decided I want to get my pictures down at the harbor.  I know May def. has chance of rain so I want to come up with an alternative place.  I would love to use the terminal, but have heard you have to get extra insurance and such.  I like the rustic and industrial feel of that.  Any ideas on other places??

Re: Photos

  • i'd speak with your photographer.  most places require the photogrpaher to have the appropriate license... so that might restrict some locations.  but ultimately if they've been in business for more than a couple years, chances are they know some great spots!
  • In regards to the Terminal, yes your photographer needs to be insured for one million dollars to be able to shoot there.  Friends of mine did go there for their pictures but they didn't go in the large part that is used for events and where you need the insurance.  They went off to the side in the "abandoned" area.  There are no trespassing signs but their photographer had done it numerous times before they went.   A cop did drive by while they were there but didn't stop.  I believe the whole shoot took about 30 minutes and they got some AMAZING shots!  So depending on who your photographer was, they might have done it too.
  • What about some shots along Main St. near Shea's, Fountain Plaza, and the M&T building? The trolley cables, rails, and huts might make interesting photos. My photogapher, Jim Cookfair at New York West, did some great shoots there.
  • I have been having the same problem with finding a suitable indoor location as a backup.  Our wedding is March 10th.

    I have tried, so far, the Wilcox mansion which is a no-go because they really only have their public gallery available and it alone is not much of a location.  Also tried Darwin Martin house.  Have not gotten a solid "no" but a "do not think we can" with a message left for the decision maker there who is not in today.

    Really straining for other ideas too.  WIll update as I come across them. 

    Maybe Garden Place hotel's lobby, Ellicott Square bldg, The Lodge at Seneca and Casenovia, I dunno. Anyplace would have to be willing to let you in and allow the photography.
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