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Curves Complete?

Is/has anyone doing/done the Curves complete program? Any good success stories?

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Re: Curves Complete?

  • I have never done Curves myself but from what I have heard it's great if you have never exercised before and need to get started. However, it would seem to me that for the average individual it would become redundant very quickly as you gain strength and endurance, and may not accomplish much for you after the first couple of months.

    Have you started the program yet? Or are you thinking of starting? Where are you in terms of your current and goal stats?
  • I did join last Sat. Had my 1st workout with coach yesterday! The machines kicked my butt! I started dieting last week of January. Did nutri-system for 2 months and lost 16lbs. Now on to curves. I have about 70 more lbs to lose. I figure if I use different programs 1) I won't get bored and 2) my metabolism won't get "lazy"...I plan on zig zagging. For instance, I stopped nutri sstem 2 weeks ago and took about 2 weeks "off" and ate what I wanted. Skipped meals, cuase thats my usual. Now, starting on the curves plan, eating again and eating right, my metabolism will kick it again!

    Truth be told, the nutri-system, the first month, I only lost about 4 lbs. The 2nd month, I used an excellent casein protein powder. I would use it as a mid morning snack and also sprinkle it on my cereal, yogurt etc. I started losing weight very consistent. Those 12 lbs!!! The ony thing I did different from 1st to 2nd month was add the protein. My doc said if you are going to "cheat" cheat with protein (cause it burns fat). The casein protein is an extended release...so I think thats good. Extends the enery produced in metabolism. Who knows...just my thoughts!

    Concerned about the curves exercise regime. The equipment is standard for everone...all sizes, shapes, weight and height. Some of the equipment, as I sat in it, hurt my lower back...before I even started. Some of the arm equiptment feels off...that if I could adjust them, my arms would be fine. You have 30 secs on each piece of equiptment and Im not sure the fast pace is good. I understand it keeps your heart rate up but you are rushing to get into each machine so you can work them for those 30 secs. You also use each machine as fast as possible. Not sure if this is god for me as my range of motion isnt great. I havent worked out in yrs. I have another coaching so Im hoping I walk away feeling more positive about the program. The nutritional plan, seems as basic as any other. The 1st week is 1200 cals then it bumps up to 1500. Lots of seniors there.

    I will comimitt for a time and see how it goes. If not, get a doctors note to release me. I have fibromyalgia, so Im hoping the fast pace doesnt hurt me. With wedding May 2014, I figure I must find/order gown by Oct. the lastest so I need to lose as much as possible by Oct.

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  • sorry for typos!!

    tinkerbell gif photo: Tinkerbell stuck in keyhole animated gif Peterpan2_coince9e.gif
  • edited March 2013
    In Response to Re: Curves Complete?:
    [QUOTE] My doc said if you are going to "cheat" cheat with protein (cause it burns fat). 
    Posted by LAM2228[/QUOTE]

    That is only true if you were previously substantially undereating on protein. Muscle burns fat, but dietary protein in and of itself does not. Excess protein (more than your body needs in a day) goes the same route as starches and sugars: right into the liver as glycogen, and if it doesn't get used for energy it gets stored as energy in the form of body fat. So be mindful of your protein consumption and your macronutrient ratios. (Do not exceed the very generous formula of 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight).
    I wish you success. But I hear you on the machines. That is the problem with them. They're one size fits all, and the majority of them teach unnatural and/or non-functional movement. Cable machines and free weights are a much better option as you can do functional, compound exercises. As soon as you feel that you're ready to move on from the machines, I urge you to do so!
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