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Wedding dress!!!! Please help!!!!!!!

Hello ladies!!! Does any of you have any idea where i can find a beautiful wedding dress with sleeves. Its hurt to find a nice wedding dress with sleeves now!!! Please help!!! Thanks!!!

Re: Wedding dress!!!! Please help!!!!!!!

  • Sleeves can almost always be added.  I would start by making appointments at your local places, see what they have to offer and ask if sleeves can be added to any of the dresses.  You could also think about wearing a bolero jacket.

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  • EffieBEffieB member

    Do you like this one with a long sleeve?
    Or this one?  I like this one better.

  • If you have time and can order your dress then check out the Bliss by Bonny line at Bonny.com.  That is the dress type I am ordering for my wedding.  Hope that helps.
  • There are many places that sell dresses with sleeves. I know that Kleinfeld in NYC does, but they are really pricey.

    You can also add a bolero jacket as well...that can definitely help!

    PM if you have any other questions!

    Good luck,
  • where are you from? I know if you live near a davids bridal- they have some/
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  • David's Bridal will add sleeves to just about any of their dresses. They have a few different styles too.
  • This place has some beautiful gowns

    You could also do a search for modest wedding gowns in your area if you want to be able to try on a dress that was intended to have sleeves and not one that has to have them added to it.

    Hope this helps and good luck in your search
  • do a search for jewish wedding dresses.  Most have sleeves (my mom agreed to let me go without though).
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  • As someone above said, David's has sleeves in several different styles and colors that they can add to dresses.  My daughter got her dress from Venus.  She took extra material from the train (she didn't want a big train because the wedding was outdoors) and had them add sleeves.  They turned out beautifully!
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  • Alot of bridal salons carry a wide range of dress styles. Your best bet is to start shopping around. Stop in places and browse. I recommend not limiting yourself to only a dress with sleeves. Try on everything. You'll be surprised at what looks hideous on a hanger but looks great on you. Have fun!!!!
  • Thank you so much ladies especially to  Nat&Pete....i have found a beautiful dress at bonny.com...I JUST LOVE IT.....THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN Nat&Pete:)
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