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October 2012 Weddings

I feel so...... naked

I had to give up my engagment ring for sizing along with my wedding band and an amethyst ring FI got me for Christmas that I'll wear on the wedding day.  I won't get them all back until the end of the month.  So bummed :(  I keep looking down at my hand and it looks so bare.

I also had a wedding nightmare last night.  I dreamt that I had forgotten my veil and my jewelry when we were well into the ceremony.  I wanted to leave and go get them from my house which is like 30 minutes from our venue.  Everyone thought I was crazy.

Re: I feel so...... naked

  • I gave up my ring recently too! I'm currently wearing a $5 fake diamond ring that I got from the mall years ago :P
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  • I couldn't imagine!  The ring designer asked me if she could take my ring to design the band, but then remembered she has the CADD for my engagement ring so I wouldn't have to part with it except for maybe a cleaning right before!  We were at the mall looking for FI wedding band styles though, and the salesman asked if I wanted mine cleaned.  I was really reluctant since I hadn't parted with it before, but he assured me that the cleaner was right under the counter within sight!  haha  I was sweating the whole time it was gone though!  It's pretty and sparkly again though!  ;)

  • I will have to send mine out to be dipped next month...not looking forward to it! 
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  • My FH surprised me with the proposal and the ring so naturally it was a little big and needed to be resized.  It was funny that having never worn a ring on any regular basis before and having all others I had put on feel so funny... having it gone for so long still bothered me.  Thankfully it was a simple size and took just about a week, but I insisted on getting another simple costume ring just so it wouldn't be so weird. 

  • I just had mine sent away for cleaning and sizing last month.  I lost weight and thought it was going to fall off my finger.  I felt naked too!
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