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Are there any knotties in my area????
I live in La Quinta. Will be married in Indian Wells, CA.
That is close to Palm Srings, in case you have never heard of it :)
Any one from this area? 

Re: La Quinta Bride

  • this may be a little late, but I am from Cathedral City with my ceremony in PS and reception in PD : )
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  • I'm getting married in La Quinta in October, but live in Los Angeles.  Do either of you know the church St. Louis Catholic Church and if so, do you like the interior? Exterior? 
  • If its the church I'm thinking of, its actually where I live in cathedral city. I think its nice, and the exterior looks like new...the only downside I would say is the surrounding neighborhood, but if you're only there for the ceremony, I wouldn't think of it as a problem.
    "The dress upped the ante."
  • Hey guys! So happy to see someone actually from my area! Did you go to the Bridal Fair at Palm Valley Country Club last weekend. I missed it. But hopefully, there will be another one soon. I have never heard of that church. St. Margarets Church in Palm Desert is very popular. Are you sure of the name? So, tell me all about your venue and planning stages. 
    I am getting married at Indian Wells Country Club with the reception there as well. I looked all over God's green acres for somthing different but there was nothing! La Quinta Resort was out of my league as well as the Miramonte. They kept saying," Mam, we are a Waldorf Astoria name and very exclusive". $179.00 per person and that's just dinner. Well excuuussse me lol. Indian Wells was more affordable and let me book early so that helped alot. And I am still worried about the cost. I met with a wonderful lady who is going to decorate and do flowers etc. Her name is Luna and she is great.,met her at a bridal fair. Happy planning! Can't wait to hear from you guys. Obviously, I am starved for local knotties. I do not have one friend going through anything like this and actually I feel like a brat if I even bring it up. It must get hard for peole to hear how happy excited I am! Good luck!
  • La Quinta and MiraMonte are definitely up there price wise...Indian Wells is super  nice though.  I'm having my ceremony at Desert Chapel and the reception at Desert Willow Country Club.  We looked at Desert Springs and Palm Valley, but Desert Willow was more in our price range (still expensive though! lol).  I didn't go to the bridal fair this past weekend, but I did go to another one there a couple months ago and found our florist there.  Now I'm just stressing out over bridesmaids who still haven't ordered their dresses and picking a cake baker
    "The dress upped the ante."
  • I'm getting my cake from Juliettes here in La Quinta. She does pretty work.
  • I think I'm going to go through Juliettes too.  She charges $4.50 a serving and I looked at Pastry Swan and they charge $5.50 per serving to $7.50 per serving.

    Have any of you guys heard of Desert cities catering or The Butler Did it? 

    What are you doing for your rehearsal dinner? I don't think I can afford to invite all of my out of town guests, so I was thinking I could do a small dinner for immeditae family and then choose a location where people could meet up? Maybe reserve a room that way there is space for everyone. 
  • We are meeting with her on Thursday, so hopefully we'll be able to work something out with her.  We met with Pastry Swan and they were 5.50/slice for a simple design, or 6.50/slice if we got the flowers we wanted on the side (which is a little too much green for a cake!)

    I think we are just doing a simple, informal rehearsal dinner somewhere with the bridal party, parents, and close family.  I've been to so many rehearsal dinners that were casual and comfortable and everyone was completely fine with it...I don't see any need for reception-like dinner.
    "The dress upped the ante."
  • Well, actually I had planned on not having a rehearsal dinner since I learned that it's not really for rehearsing. (I thought we were gong practice the order of things or somethng.) As time gets closer, who knows? maybe I will change my mind. I had planned on not buying engagement photos either but found a lady to come from Cornna to la Quinta for $150 that takes nice pictures so I changed my mind about that. I scheduled it for the beginning of May. My main concern is getting my venue, dinner and drinks paid for! I went to Davids Bridal today in Palm Desert and tried on a few dresses but found nothing I like. I just try to get the little things out of the way slowly but surely one at a time. 
  • Have you visited Signature Bridal yet? I got my dress there and they were really helpful and friendly...the opposite of my experience at David's Bridal.  The dresses are more expensive, but sometimes they have really good sales.  Also, if you like them on facebook, they have monthly contests that you can win : )
    "The dress upped the ante."
  • Ok I'll check it out. Thanks so much.
  • Hi I am getting married in October and trying ti finalize vendors over the next two weeks...Do either of you have a referral for a DJ?
  • California dj!!! I just had my wedding on the 23rd and Michael capp was amazing! He got everyone out dancing and was pretty much the coordinator for the whole reception
    "The dress upped the ante."
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