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QOTD 7/24

What are your plans for after the reception?  Are you continuing the party elsewhere?  Are you spending the night at home or in a hotel?
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Re: QOTD 7/24

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    We did not continue to party after the reception.  We were exhausted and hadn't had any alone time yet that day.  As much fun as I was having, I was definitely ready to go to the hotel room.  We spent the night at Belamere Suites.
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    We had no afterparty--I don't know how anyone does it!  I was exhausted and wanted some alone time.

    We stayed at the Mariott that is in the Detroit airport (like, actually in the terminal).  It was beautiful and super convenient for our honeymoon flight the next morning!
  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    FI and I do not live in Toledo, we actually live in Colorado.  For the week leading up to the wedding, we will be staying at my parents' house.  I really don't want to spend my first night as a married woman five feet away from my parents' bedroom (if ya know what I mean!), so we booked a hotel room at the same hotel our OOT guests will be staying at to take advantage of the discounted rate.

    We will most likely not be having an afterparty.  The reception ends at 11, and there will be an open bar from 6 to 11, so I can't imagine my guests wanting to drink even more.  I think I'll be too exhausted...

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  • Sugarsweets04Sugarsweets04 member
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    Our wedding ceremony and reception are at the Hilton Toledo, they include our room, so that is where we will be staying. As for the after party, we don't have an actual end time to our reception so we can really party till we've had enough. We do have to pay extra to keep the bar service going after the 5 hour mark. If there are enough people still there at 10:30, my FFIL said he'll pay to keep it open another hour.

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    I don't think we would have energy for after party.  We are staying in a hotel (Perrysburg Hilton Garden Inn).

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    catarntina...I know the feeling...we don't live in Toledo either and we will be spending the nights we will be in town before the wedding with my FI's Sister, Bro-In-Law, and Niece.  So we don't want to spend our 1st night together at his Sister's either.  We booked a hotel room at the Comfort Suites in Perrysburg...the room as a jacuzzi tub, so we will be having our own little party after the wedding! lol  I plan to party for as long as we possibly can at the reception...probably until around 11pm, so I'm sure I will get enough partying in at the reception.  We will be staying in town until Monday morning, when we leave on our honeymoon, so we will spend Sunday night back at his Sister's then.
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    We will probably join our family and friends at a bar for a short time after our reception.
    I know we are going to be so tired but this is one day that is all about us and I'm sure we aren't going to want it to end. At most of the recent weddings we have been to, the bride & groom have usually made it out to the bar(s) even if it is is just for an hour. This has lead to free drinks from the bar on several occasions :)
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  • MerinMerin member
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    No afterparty for us, and we stayed at my house (which became 'our' house as of the wedding :)).   Once we got home we actually sat out in the driveway (yep, just on the ground in our nice clothes) for almost 2 hours just talking about the day.  It was a nice way to unwind and spend time together. :)

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    We will prolly hit up a bar afterward. It depends on how tired we are (or how druck FI is! LOL) but -- my whole fam is coming into town and i dont get to see them often so -- i imagine to be a good sport ill kick it atleast for another hour or so afterward. The bar we are considered "regulars" at is just like 5 blocks away from the reception site. When i find out whos staying at my house, ill decide if we are going to go home or stay at a hotel. Right now i have reservations at Belemere Suites -- but i may decide to save $$ and cancel them and go home if noone is staying at my house... :)
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  • k22tk22t member
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    the bridal party continued on at a local bar and my dh and i stayed at the hilton garden at levis.
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