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OL Wednesday

Dear knotties,
Who would you like to write a letter too? Did you notice Pandya never came back after his wedding?
- person starting this off

Dear sister,
It was fun hanging out yesterday. You're right it won't be the same in 25 days. At least I won't be too far.
- Sister love

Re: OL Wednesday

  • temurlangtemurlang member
    1000 Comments Third Anniversary Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    Dear DFW,

    Yes, I did notice that.  And his wedding was some time ago wasn't it?

    Dear Auntie,

    I love you and it's great how much you're helping me with my mom's stuff.  But please hold back a little.  We cannot and do not need to keep everything.  I am not going to put old clothes into storage.  I don't care if you throw away pads.  Just do it.  It's not like my dad needs them.

    - overwhelmed niece
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