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I need to get motivated!!

I started working on some wedding projects months ago and now that its time to be in full swing I am ready to take a break. I had finals this week and my fiance has been out of town on a job so I am just in a slump. I just don't want to start falling behind. How do you girls stay motivated?
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Re: I need to get motivated!!

  • I think it comes and goes in waves. Sometimes you need to shut your brain off and take a break! And then other times I'm full force wedding :) From the sounds of it, you need a break. Treat yourself to some much needed me-time, have a cocktail, and relax. Then take a deep breath and get back into planning. If you still feel overwhelmed, just do a bit at a time! Maybe an hour a day on your project, something like that. Good luck!!

  • Meh.  Since its an off-season date, I'm not particuarly worried and haven't done anything in almost a month.  I cast on my wedding knitting project last week, but its actually a pretty small project (fingerless gloves), so I have way more time than I need.  Other than that, I'm handing catering duties off to FI after he graduates on Saturday (woo hoo!) and generally not worrying about it.
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  • Right now I am doing things little by little which is making things seem less overwhelming. We got a lot of things taken care of early on, so we don't have too much left. I just keep telling myself that there is still a lot of time until the wedding and if I just do things little by little I won't be overwhelmed and stressed later.
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