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Wedding Planners

Does anyone have any reccommendations for a wedding planner? I just want someone mainly to help with the actual day. We have already decided on most of the vendors so I really just need someone reasonably priced to help orchestrate the day itself. Someone who can assist in the setup and the flow of the day. Any ideas appreciated : )
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Re: Wedding Planners

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    I worked with Lisa Gorman as an intern when I was in college, www.memorymakersindy.com She's AMAZING, and has a fantastic personality to boot. She used to do day of coordinating along with full blown planning, I'm not sure if she still does. I would give her a call.
  • jnentrupjnentrup member
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    Hey Heather,

    I've been informally helping friends with weddings and events for years, and just started formally doing it. I charge $300 for day of help. I don't having any marketing materials yet, but feel free to learn more about me at jennyerb.com. I just moved from Carmel to Columbus but I'm up there about every other week.

    Just message me if you're interested!

    Happy planning,

    Jenny Erb
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    We used A Touch of Elegance.  They are truly awesome.  One of the best investments of the day.

  • heathert1981heathert1981 member
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    Samurai~thanks for the tip! I am currently trying to get in touch with Lisa to get together and discuss our options.
    Chrissy~Did you choose a package form a touch of elegance? If so, which one and would you mind giving me a idea of the cost? Thanks for your help!

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    Since I had already planned everything and didn't hire them until 3 weeks before I did the package where they run the rehearsal and day of coordination.  Honestly I can't rememeber, but I think they will send you pricing if you want to see it before meeting with them.  Believe me it is totally worth it.  I was totally not going to get one and so glad I did.

    I would suggest meeting with them.  They are the first ones I met with and I canceled the rest of my appointments the next day.

  • jdefrenchjdefrench member
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    Hi Heather,  I just saw your post and wanted to let you know that I had to fire Lisa Gorman as a wedding planner and lost $2,000.  I would definitely NOT recommend hiring her.  If you check out her more recent reviews on different wedding websites, it sounds like many brides had very similar issues.  One review I read recently said that one bride lost $8,000 and has no vendors booked a month out from her wedding!  I hope you find someone awesome to help you with your wedding!  Congratulations and good luck!
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    hiya --shoot me an email at holdn5atyahoodotcom. I'm a former knottie 2006 and you can find me on the Indiana Nest Board daily...

  • jrussell02jrussell02 member
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    Just fyi, I hope you did not go with Lisa Gorman with Memory Makers.  She was terrible and the primary source of stress for our wedding.  Whatever she apparently used to be, she is no longer.

    Good luck!
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