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Happy Hour in Lieu of Rehearsal

Hi everyone,

This is my first post because I am just not sure what to do.  My fiance and I would like to host a happy hour type get together for our out of town guests in lieu of a rehearsal dinner.  We are looking for a bar in the Hoboken / Jersey City area.  We have not decided on the final arrangement - it depends on what the bar offers and how much it would cost - but we imagine either an open bar or subsidizing drinks.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The event would be on Friday, December 30.  I'm worried that both the day of the week and time of the year are going to make this very difficult.

Any suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated.  I am not terribly familiar with the area and  am planning this wedding from New England so it is hard for me to check places out in person.


Re: Happy Hour in Lieu of Rehearsal

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    I like the Iron Monkey, and you can use their whole second floor for a private party. I contacted them in the past about a party and they e-mailed me their party menu with appetizer and drink prices: (If you ever eat here, get the Monkey Mac and Cheese, and also try the wings!)

    The Embankment is supposed to be good as well. Our friends are having their wedding reception there next month so I can provide a review after that if you want:

    Barcade is a cool place. They have craft beers in addition to wine and liquor, and they have vintage 80s arcade games for just 25 cents. Plus they have food and appetizers available. Although it's just one big room so I doubt you could get the whole place to yourselves on a Friday night:

    Other places:

    Light Horse Tavern:
    Powerhouse Lounge (this place is brand-new, IDK what it's like):
    The Merchant:
    Skinner's Loft:

    All of these places are in Downtown Jersey City.
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    I think as long as there is food and drinks everyone will be happy.  Do what you want. :) 

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions though.
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    Hoboken's pretty quiet that close to New Years (a lot of us are out of towners so people go home) so i think you may be ok with finding a place. 

    A couple of places that i heard great things about for big groups:
    - Brass Rail: they have a private room upstairs that can work great for you. Great selection of beers and good food. 
    - Tutta Pasta: also private room upstairs and great food
    - Madison's: amazing food and private room and good music
    - City Bistro: also private room in second floor that can be very cosy

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks, everyone!  I am sure I will be able to find something on this list.  Very, very helpful!
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