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Priest Question....

Hey guys, thanks in advance for your suggestions. I wondered if a priest from a different church marry you? The story is my family's church recently got a new priest. I am really attached to our church and want to be married there but I would prefer the former priest. I really like him and his personality is so fun. I dont want to offend the new priest by asking so I was not sure what to do. Also do i have to ask the new priests permission first or the former if he would be willing to do it? Oh and how would that work for pre-cana? Oh also a bit of background, i have heard the new priest is very strict and although I am catholic, I live in another city so I dont attend that church very often but my family does so he doesn't really know me oh and my FH is not catholic so i dont want to risk him saying no to us getting married in the church. 

Phew thats alot of info! Thanks again!!!

Re: Priest Question....

  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    I'd ask the former priest first.  No sense in angering new priest if former priest won't even do it.  You should also start donating on the envelope system now because it's the only record they will take that you are an attending parishioner.  Some churches will not allow you to marry in them unless you have been donating on the envelope system for six months.  I don't think your fiance not being catholic will be too big of a deal.  Did your former priest get moved to a new church?  Perhaps you could visit that church and see if you like it just as much.  
  • mica178mica178 member
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    Ask the former priest first.  If he says yes, then find out about your church's availability for your wedding date/month.

    If you don't live by the church where you plan on getting married, you can do the marriage prep at your local church and have your local priest send over the correct documentation to the church where you will be married.

    You'll have to get a dispensation for a mixed religion marriage.  It's not tough, just a few extra questions on the FOCCUS and a couple short answer questions.

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    My FI is not baptized at all and our priest had no issues with that. I am getting married in a super strict church and there was no problems. Each state and parish is different. For our Pre-Cana most of the preparation is done without the priest, during retreats and seminars. I will meet with the priest a total of 3 or 4 times before the ceremony.
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    I would definitely ask the priest you want to marry you first. As far as the pre-cana goes, you can do it anywhere. For example, we live out of state, did our pre-cana with the priest at our church here, and he just contacted and sent a letter to the priest who married us stating that it was complete, etc. We did have to fulfill a few additional requirements that the priest who married us required, but it was just a few questionaires and a few meetings with him when we went home. We were required to do the EE weekend, and you can do that anywhere.
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    I live in Columbus, FI is in Chicago, wedding is in Cleveland.   The parish I grew up in closed last month-  so i am getting married at a different church and having a priest (priest A) that is a family friend rather than the pastor (priest B) of the church we are getting married in!  It can be done.  We did pre-cana here at my parish (with priest C),   met with  priest A twice, and then worked with the parish we are getting married at for all the logistics. Priest A called to ask Priest B for his permission, and then had to send a letter to the diocese to ask permission.   Priest C sent all the pre-cana info to both priests A and B.   It can be done!!  And it was only crazy that first week when we realized we were under a major time crunch (we got engaged in December, decided mid Jan to get married this July... so... we had a week or so to figure all this out!
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    i would ask the priest you want first.  if he says yes, then he shoudl be able to work with the parish priest to get all of the paperwork together.

    i think teh new priest will understand you wanting a priest you know marrying you, particularly if this other priest has given you other sacraments.  also, he might nto be comfortable marrying you anyway, since he doesnt know you (it wont stop him from marrying you, but i'm sure they prefer to marry couples they know).
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    It really depends on the priests involved. Just ask your parish office if you can bring in the outside priest. I've never seen a parish have a problem with that. As far as your prep goes, in my diocese, you can do your prep anywhere. It doesn't have to be at the church where you are getting married. Hope it all works out for you!
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