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Hi all,

Long time lurker here, but I finally decided to post because I need help!  I have stretched out my wedding planning as long as I possibly can, so it's time to get moving.  We are having a small destination wedding (less than 20 people - we are still waiting for the final numbers from the RSVPs, no bridal party, no reception) in Honolulu on New Year's Eve.  We currently have our wedding ceremony scheduled at Halekulani and dinner at La Mer.  However, we just recently discovered that our $400/PER PERSON! meal at La Mer does not include drinks of any kind.  We are looking to schedule the dinner elsewhere, but I have no idea where to start.  I'd love to give our guests a view of the water, but it's not a deal breaker if I can't.  Any suggestions?

Also, since we're not having a traditional reception following the ceremony, we're planning to purchase NYE tickets to one of the local hotels' celebration.  Any suggestions for the best NYE party on Oahu?  I realize it's going to be more of a bar type setting, but I'm honestly okay with that.  I'd like some really good, fun music so I can celebrate and dance with my closest friends. 

Thanks in adavnce for any suggestions!  I really appreciate it! Smile

Re: Oahu wedding on 12/31/12

  • I've never been to Oahu but HOLY SH!T $400 a person!?!?!? That's beyond absurd. I'm sure you can get a great meal for wayyyy cheaper.
  • I know - outrageous, right?  I almost fell out of my chair when they confirmed that the price didn't even include a soda! 
  • Wow....that's alot!!
    Did you consider doing it in the Hau Terrace? I know they charge x amount more during Holidays though...
    Or the Orchid restaurant? They have a great NY's Eve celebrations..!
  • Have you considered Morimoto Waikiki at the Modern hotel http://www.themodernhonolulu.com/restaurants/masaharu-morimoto/ I know Morimoto throws NewYear's parties himself and if I remember the tickets were not more than $200 which included food and drinks. The environment is amazing. Food af course is out of this world and there is an outdoor terrace with the view of the marina. You can subscribe on his website or call and ask about the tickets. This hotel is pretty close to Waikiki anda Halekulani. Another option would be Hoku's at the Kahala resort. This is where we had our wedding reception dinner. It has a great view and the food is amazing. Certanly should not be $400 a person. This would be about 30 to 40 minute drive from Honolulu. And honestly I can't say I was really impressed by LaMer's interior. But that's might be just me. HTH
  • Wow, $400 pp is ridiculous!  I live here in Honolulu and there are plenty of great places to celebrate that won't charge you that much! As Savvy said, Morimoto's is worth checking out.  Hula Grill at the Outrigger would be a nice more-casual alternative... great sunset views! Hoku's in Kahala is about a 20 minute drive from Waikiki. If you don't mind driving a little further, Roy's in Hawaii Kai is amazing! I would definitely call them and see what they can offer.

    As far as NYE plans, all of the hotels have special NYE events. The Kahala Resort's NYE is very elegant and probably the most well-known among locals.

    Good luck!
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  • Thanks so much for everyone's responses!  I really, really appreciate it.  We did try to reserve Orchids, but it's not even going to be open (well, at least that's what they told us).  We even put in a special request, but it was denied.  Oh well.  To be quite honest, I haven't been terribly impressed with Halekulani overall.  I hear it's a beautiful hotel, but the customer service has not be great.  One woman who is helping us is amazing and really tries to help us out, but she gets turned down everytime she requests something for us.  For example, our ceremony starts at 5:30pm but dinner at La Mer doesn't start until 8:30pm.  I asked if I could take our guests to House Without a Key in the interim for drinks and we were told no!  I actually asked to pay them more money and they refused.  I suppose they need to get things set up for the NYE celebration, but I'm still a little shocked.  They also couldn't provide me with a room to get dressed before my wedding ceremony.  Well, I could have purchased a room for the night for $700.  I will definitely look into everyone's suggestions.  Thanks again!
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