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We are considering spending a few thousand on a video. I am wondering if this is a waste of money.
I like the idea of video, but not the expense. LOL!

Most of my family said it's a waste of money. What do you think?

Re: video?

  • For us, video was the most important thing to have. I mean, no, you aren't going to watch it on a weekly basis or anything, but it was important to us to have the wedding, and especially the ceremony, recorded. I feel like everything is going to be so exciting that day and will go so fast that it will be good to have a video to remind us exactly what was said and how things happened. That said, it IS expensive, and there is nothing wrong with deciding that it isn't in your budget or it isn't worth the money for you and your FI.
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  • It is one of those things that you could just leave up to your own opinion. With technology changing so often the video industry has seen the most changes in advancements in over a decade. VHS to DVD to a lot of stuff is going straight to HD web. It is great for instant gratification and will last for you as a reminder of your day. However, if technology changes...who knows?
  • You just have to find one that does good work but doesn't charge alot. We are going with John Funk (Precious Memories). We met with him a few weeks ago. He gave us a good price.
  • Video is definitely a must.  I think photos can only capture stills of the day while video help you relive the entire day.  The day goes by so fast and some things will just be a blur.  It's definitely great to be able to see and remember what actually happened.  We hired AJ Ingoglia who was so awesome to work with.  Here's our trailer, which we watched almost every day until we received our final edit: Good luck!
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  • Our photographer offers videography as part of the package. I would ask and see if there's any kind of photo & videography combo packages available. I think a video is something nice to have, especially since your day is going to go so fast and you are going to be saying hello to a million and one people... the video is something to watch and be like "so THAT's what happened" lol.

    Either way, I'm sure it'll be a beautiful wedding. I have friends who have opted to not get videography and it was fine and I had friends who did get it and were happy that they did. I say if you think you will regret not getting it, then it is worth the extra $$ to have it.
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