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Our wedding is Nov. 25th this year....and I haven't tried on a single dress yet! Am I the only one in a situation like this?! I have nearly all vendors booked and am well ahead of the schedule on all the planning but I keep hearing from people that I should get on it and I haven't even started shopping for mine yet and don't plan on it until May.
My reasoning behind this is the year before we got engaged we moved to a new city, I started a new job, and ended up gaining 25lbs, then we got engaged in Dec. and I was determined to lose most of the weight before I try on dresses. Well, weight loss has been MUCH slower than anticipated and I just want to feel confident and not bad about myself when I try on dresses and that's why I figured I'd be closer to those goals by May. This will still leave over 6 months before our wedding, and because of my height, and when I meet my goal weight I'm pretty much exactly a size 8 so alterations will be minimal or non existent, hopefully.

Anyone else in a similar circumstance?
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Re: The Dress

  • I went dress shopping right away but if your looking for a great way to lose weight, I HIGHLY suggest weight watchers...I lost 44 pounds on it and have kept it off ofr 3 years :) I'm glad you're relaxed about it though...I would be freaking out by now lol and my wedding is in December.
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    Haha maybe I should be freaking out but my initial mentality behind waiting is because a good friend of mine bought her dress soon after she was engaged and then over the course of a several months lost 30lbs and the dress she purchased was SO big that there was no taking it in she had to go through the stress of finding a whole new dress and then ended up spending 3x more...SO upon hearing this and knowing I wanted to be 25lbs smaller by wedding day I wanted at least 15 off before trying dresses on so I don't end up in a similar circumstance.
    I'm actually not even planning on purchasing a dress from a salon because I've found so many amazing etsy sellers or discount websites where you can get a replication for sometimes 7x cheaper. If I do end up doing that route once I try on and actually decide on the design I want most etsy sellers only take a few months to make it...so I guess this is one reason I've been so lax about it. But there's no guarentee that I will end up doing that anyways so I am nervous about having time for a salon to order.
    Part of it is also that I live 3 hours from any of my family (mom and sister) so even planning a weekend to try dresses on takes weeks to decide on because of everyone's schedules...but I obviously don't want to just go looking alone.

    That's awesome you lost 44lbs on Weight Watchers!! Good for you! I've heard great things about it from lots of people but I've been going with the route of watching the calories/fat I eat and working out 5-6 times a week. FI and I actually even hired a personal trainer so this is the first time in my life I've been working out hard core with weights. I think that may be why the weight is coming off so slowly because I'm also gaining muscle. I'm starting to feel better and fit into more of my clothes but still just not ready to go try dresses on because I'm too afraid of having a mental breakdown when I don't like the way I look haha it's sad but I've just always imagined when I try MY wedding dress on that I look the best I ever will and be confident in myself, not at my heaviest :/
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  • I bought my dress 5 months before my wedding date. You are ay okay :. Good luck!
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