AZ Brides- I'm selling Items from my wedding

Hey Phoenix Metro Knotties.  I'd like to sell some stuff from my wedding, and would prefer it be to you guys, that way there isn't any messy shipping involved.  Pretty much everything is blue, as turquoise blue was one of my wedding colors.  If you're interested in anything, please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

Here's what I've got:

8 blue hanging Ball Mason Jars.  These are antiques and were really hard to find.  I made the hangers for them myself.  Price: $8 each or all 8 for $60 (I'd love to sell them all together).  I used them for flowers but they could also be used for candles.

8 cast iron shephard's hooks (pictured above).  They are black and stand 38" high once in the ground.  Price: $40 for set of 8.

22 blue lace doileys.  Measure 18" diameter.  I cut and dyed these.  They have a scalloped edge all the way around.  The served as part of my cernterpieces.  They just need a quick iron.  Price: $25 for all 22 doileys.


3 Blue Candy Jars.  These are also antiques.  I used them for the dessert/candy table.  The small one measures 6.5" h, the medium one is 9" h, and the large one is 11" h.  Price: $35 sold as a set.


5 Small blue vases.  These are different shapes, but all measure 4.5" h.  I used them for small flowers on the cocktail tables.  Price: $4 each or all 5 for $20.

Large Ball Mason Jar.  This measures 9.5" h.  I used it as a vase.  Also an antique.  Price: $10

Small jars with glass lids.  These I used just as decoration around the reception.  One is blue and the other is clear.  The blue one measures 6" h, the clear one is 5" h.  Prices: $4 each.


100 cut wine corks.  We used these for escort card holders.  We cut and sanded them ourselves and it took about 2 hours to complete between the 2 of us.  They are not all the same and they are not 100% perfect, but they looked great at the wedding!  Price: $40 for all 100 (plus a few extra for good measure).

Card Box.  Pretty self-explanitory.  It's white, see photos below.  Price: $20.

Re: AZ Brides- I'm selling Items from my wedding

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    Cute stuff!!

    I've been sorting and trying to get everything I'm selling together too...  crazy isn't it?  LOL
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    Is e card box for best wishes? Question, did you provide cards for them to write best wishes on and lace in the box?
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    The card box we used for greeting/gift cards from our guests.
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    I would love to buy your shepards hooks if you still have them. My email address is [email protected] Please email me and let me know.
    Thanks so much,
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    I would love the hanging mason jars if you still have them. please email me [email protected]  Thanks!
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    Hello, I am interested in the 5 small blue email is [email protected]
    Also, I would love to know how you made the wine corks.  I have been collecting corks to use for the escort cards but have not cut them yet.  Any advice on that?
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    Oh my goodness- you are the mason jar bride from Petals and Lucy.  She showed me that top photo the other day!  She was telling me what a cute/awesome idea those jars turned out to be and how much she loved the idea!  Your wedding florals were gorgeous!
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    Do you still have the 3 candy jars? Im in loooove with them...
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