Halifax Brides

Hi There. I'm currently living in Toronto but from Dartmouth. I'm wanting to have my wedding in Halifax. If have picked your venue, why did you choose it and if anyone has any ideas on place please feel free to relpy with those too :)

I'm in between shining waters, the lord nelson and the delta

Re: Halifax Brides

  • Hi there.   I usually work with brides and their destination wedding and honeymoon, I love it.   I'm also getting married for the second time on a cruise in , however, we may have a reception in Halifax as well.    I lived in Toronto most of my life, now we live in Halifax.   I'm currently doing some research in the next month or two.   If I see anything like the choices you have made, I will let you know.   I'm familiar with each of your choices, so if you have a question or two, feel free to contact me.  

    Take care,  Nana Deb
  • The Lord Nelson is beautiful for wedding! My sister had hers there and I loved it. Food was great, layout was awesome and your rooms free!
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