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Who are you using for your FLORIST???

Would love to know of any rave reviews of florists...I met with Blue Bouquet at the Bridal Spectacular and they seem great (concerned they are expensive) and The Eclectic Stem - who are YOU working with?

Unique, but not crazy-expensive ... please & thanks!!!Wink
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Re: Who are you using for your FLORIST???

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    The Monarch Flower Co.  Kelly has been awesome so far.  Not sure what your budget is, but I gave her a limit and she said no problem to sticking to it.  She was awesome at letting me know what would give me the same look for less money.  What were the quotes you got from the other florists?
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    I am doing mine myself-ordered silks from afloral.com and will arrange fresh bouquets the day before, however, I love the Eclectic Stem-they would be who I would use if I were using a florist.  Also, I have heard rave reviews about Bridget Kelly of Ornamental Petal. People seriously love her.

    I was at the Bridal Spectacular too! I think I may have gained like 5 pounds with all the food and cake.
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    Dana at Village Gardens!  She is awesome to work with and has great ideas.  She was able to help make our vision become reality yet stay within our budget.
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    Amy at Victorian Gardens. She's been great to work with. She makes beautiful arrangements for not much money. I'm getting a lot for my money, amount and flower wise. She's been great at staying within my budget and working with me on it. Plus I told her I wanted to do 1/3 of the CP's myself and she gave me great ideas, didn't try to push me to have her do it. 

    HTH! :)
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    I used Bella Flora.  Dorena runs her own business, and she's so nice and easy to work with.  I got gigantic bouquets of roses, stock, and mini cala lilies for way less than other people were going to charge me for smaller bouquests of only roses.  She was great at listening to what I wanted, and she threw in her creative ideas when I needed it.
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    I'm using The Flower Girl - she has been great to work with so far and revised my quote multiple times as I changed my mind and she has stayed within my budget.  She also did the flowers at a wedding I just went to on Saturday and they looked beautiful.  HTH
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    Bella Design Studio. The price was comparable to Hy-Vee and she had a lot more interesting and innovative ideas. I'm excited to see the results! A co-worker used her for her wedding last October for just bouquets and her flowers were gorgeous!

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    Stems Studio.  My FI used to work with her (she owns a cleaning business as well as being a florist) and she has been great about working with my budget.  
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    Monarch Floral was fabulous.  Kelly gave us the WOW factor we were looking for.  We had very elaborate centerpieces that were beautiful.  There were mounds of flowers everywhere.  Kelly is so creative and fun to work with.  We  loved Bergamont and Ivy also, but felt that we received more for our money with Monarch. 
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