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HM pics (PIP crazy!)

As promised, photos from our honeymoon at the Royal Playa del Carmen in (you guessed it!) Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The weather report said thunderstorms every day, but it was hot and sunny 90% of the time. This place is all-inclusive, which I'd never done before, and it has six restaurants. The buffet was my favorite.

We got to the resort about 9pm (we left home at 6am). I was able to pick our exact room online. We had these cute swan towels waiting for us.

Here's the view from our balcony.

Our one big outing was to a park called Xcaret. I had read that the cheapest place to book was the tour desk in Walmart, so we walked there earlier in the week. We also needed sunscreen and Coke, because our resort only had Pepsi. Because it was so hot, I picked up a few more sundresses at Walmart, too.

I was starting to worry we got scammed on our tour, because they said we had to pay cash when we'd been told before we could use credit card. In the end, everything was okay. I just had no cash on me for the rest of the day. Here are the flamingos at the park entrance.

The big thing at Xcaret is snorkeling in the underground rivers. It was really cool, but I don't have a waterproof camera. We did one in the morning when it was super crowded and did the other one in the afternoon when we only saw one other person the whole time.

There was also an amazing butterfly house with hundreds of different butterflies everywhere.

Mayan ruins. There were no signs, so I'm not sure if they're authentic or not.

At the end of the day is a big show. We paid to have dinner at the show and got front row seats.

Some more photos of the resort. We spent a lot of time at the pool.

You can barely see Cozumel in the distance. The ferry dock was right next to the hotel.

I was really sick on Saturday and kind of lost a day. I had a sore throat starting the night before we went to Xcaret. By Saturday I had a full blown cold. Fortunately, I was much better by Sunday, and we rented a jet ski Sunday morning. That was another first for me. It was much less scary when I was driving it.

We saw a lot of iguanas during our trip. On our last day, as we were heading back towards the hotel lobby, we saw this big guy just chillin on the stairs.

Also, at lunch I saw a wedding set up at the sister hotel next door. It was so pretty that I had to take a photo.

And that's about it. The one super-special-awesome thing we did was massages on the beach one evening. It ended with champagne and chocolate strawberries in one of the cabanas. Honestly, for what we got, it wasn't really that expensive.

Re: HM pics (PIP crazy!)

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