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How's everyone doing today?  Anything new going on?  Weekend plans??

I'm doing okay.  I'm not at all in the mood to get anything done today, which is a bad way to be lol.  I'm hoping I'll get a boost of motivation soon!  Nothing new is really going on.  This weekend is H's bday, so I'm excited to celebrate with him!  We should also be getting our wedding pictures finally, so I'm dying with excitement for that!!!



  • Wedding pictures - how exciting!  I hope you'll put a few up here!  What do you and H have planned for his birthday?

    I'm also struggling to get going today, it's the last day of coming in early for summer hours and I"m ready to be done with these early mornings.  Tomorrow I get off work at 1 though, and some friends and I are going to see Hairball - awesome band that does covers of '80s music.  They have two lead singers who switch off doing sets of songs from different bands, and always dress like the lead singer from whichever band it is.  They're awesome!  On Saturday, we're going to the NDSU Bison football season opener.  If the weather's nice enough we'll tailgate beforehand, so I"m hoping for sun!
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    Please share the wedding photos! 80's hair band sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    Fiance and I are going to pick out our wedding cake on Saturday. it's rare for me to have a Saturday off of work, so I decided to take advantage of the day. I'm really excited.

    I need to make the labels for our invitations and get stamps so the invitations can go out soon! Only 87 days until our wedding! I love my fiance so very much. (did I mention I'm excited??)
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  • Yay for upcoming weddings!!! 

    Bday plans this weekend...not sure.  I asked him if he wants to go to Busch Gardens, and he said maybe.  It's tricky becausee we have other plans Friday, Sun and Mon, so that leaves Saturday.  If we don't go to Busch Gardens, I will probably make him a nice breakfast,and probably go out to dinner, then back home for homemade cheesecake.  Not sure though.  He's a lot less into his bday than he and I are into mine lol...so it can be tricky!  I already gave him his presents because he couldn't wait, so it's a little anticlimactic for me. 

    I will probably post pictures.  I have no idea how to, and I'm a little iffy about posting pictures on a chat forum that anyone can access, but I do want to share them with you board regs :)


  • Busch Gardens is fun!  I've actually been to the one in VA, about 7 years ago though now, when my mom and I visited family in that area.

    Christina - have fun at your cake appointment!  I loved our tasting, and had such a hard time picking flavors.  Do you have any ideas so far on looks/flavors you might want?
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    I went to Busch Gardens VA when I was 6, so it's been awhile! ;)

    Today, C and I are running errands. Exciting, I know. We don't have weekend plans, but I'm sure we'll manage to end up busier than expected. :)

    Resa, I feel the same as you about posting pics, so I generally don't. I have to remind myself that this is a very public forum, and be smart about what I post.
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    [QUOTE]Christina - have fun at your cake appointment!  I loved our tasting, and had such a hard time picking flavors.  Do you have any ideas so far on looks/flavors you might want?
    Posted by erin5286[/QUOTE]

    <div>It will probably end up being some chocolate variation. My Fiance really wanted red velvet, but that can be hit or miss on how it comes out. Some red velvet cakes are amazing, and some are dry and icky. Not everyone likes it. My Fiance is a chocoholic, and I love it too, so it's not going to be too difficult.</div><div>
    </div><div>I'd probably choose carrot cake if it were just me deciding, since I could live off that stuff if were not fattening and totally beneficial to my health. ;)</div>
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  • I loooove carrot cake, but my FI doesn't care for it too much, so that was out.  We loved the red velvet from our tasting, but as you mentioned it's not as universal, so we ended up not picking it.  We ended up doing alternate layers of chocolate marble and raspberry swirl, which were both delicious but still something (mostly) everyone will like.
  • For our cake, we did a layer of almond and a layer of chocolate, with a tiny layer of raspberry filling in between (that is, 2 layers plus filling per slice), with a buttercream frosting.  It was awesome! 


  • Mmmmmm Cake!

    I'm so happy for tomorrow.  I'm not quite sure what we're doing in class, but I'm certain it will be fun.  Some of my kids will take a quiz, some will be doing a lab, some will be catching up.  And it's been a CRAZY day with fights and lockdowns, BUT I get to see H tomorrow!

    I have a really adorable story: my H's grandmother is turning 86 this weekend.  Recently, her old high school renovated its gym, so they invited Mimi and her sisters, who were on the state champion women's basketball team like 70 years ago, to come cut the ribbon.  So my MIL called up the local paper and asked if they'd like to do a story, so a reporter came out and took pictures and interviewed all of the players, and my MIL said Mimi basically thought the paparazzi had come out.  She is just so proud.  :D



  • I'm on my own this weekend. FI has his bachelor weekend and my daughter is at her dad's until Monday. I think I'm going to go do a bunch of stupid girly things I haven't done in ages: rent a bunch of chick flicks, get a manicure, order take-out, and sit back with a glass of wine and watch the movies in candlelight. Maybe I'll hit of the gym pool and go for a swim, too, since I haven't done that in ages.

    Anyone have some ideas on how to keep myself busy? I just read 3 books this week, so I'm a little burned out on the literary spectrum.
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