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February 2012 Weddings

FMIL = Crazy Bia..

She is driving me nuts! She has this "toooooo" nice persona. I just can't explain it. But it's like she over-compensates for something. Not sure what that is.
I gave her the simple task of following up with a few people (that she invited, from her side of the family) that have not RSVP'd yet - consequently, the only RSVP's I haven't recieved yet are those! Also, the only thing I am waiting on to send the information to the DJ (which is due today), is the mother-son dance song which she wants to surprise FI with.
She decided to go to AL to help FI's brother and wife move into a new apartment. And when she is with them, she wont answer the phone. LITERALLY, she says "no no, they need my full and undivided attention when I am with them". Come on now. Let's get real. I have called her 3 times, FI has called her 4 times, FFIL has called her everyday, no answer. But FI called his brother and his mom is there, just refusing to pick up the phone because "how dare she not give them her undivided attention"... god it makes me sick.. LOL.
Moral of the story, the only thing I have left to do is the seating chart and escort cards, and she is keeping me from finishing that. I'm about to just do it and tell her to let all her un-RSVP'd family know that they missed the deadline. RSVP's were due one month ago today. :) :)
I'm so freakin glad I live 600 miles away from her! Is that bad to say?? Sealed

EDIT: as soon as I hit sent, she called me.. LOL

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Re: FMIL = Crazy Bia..

  • my fmil is similar. i had to explain that i am not that kind of touchy feely huggy lovey person. none of my family is.

    i also realized that she is having some serious empty nest stuff: her only daughter just moved out on her own and her only son is getting married. my fiance came up with a lovely way to bond and to get her approval without going overboard: ask her advice/help on a couple of simple projects. it made her so happy to be helpful but it kept her from going bonkers all by herself.

    i asked her how to dry my bouquet since she had done it before. i would suggest trying to find something she can help you with that has a definite finish. have her help you make the goody bags for your guests or tell her you were looking at something online to order.

    believe me, it will help
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  • We had some RSVP issues too- but we decided that any that come in after we made the seating chart will be at a miscellaneous table. Problem solved. :) HTH
  • I'm sorry you're dealing with a bia. I have found there's at least one in every wedding. You're in good -- and super-pissed-off -- company on this board. Turn up the music and focus on what's in front of you. You're almost there. 
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  • Thanks Ladies! To top it off, I just found out she hasn't booked anything for the rehearsal dinner yet... whhhhhaattt??? My mom said "if she can't pull it together in 12 days, just remember it's on HER, not you" - that made me see the light a little bit :)
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  • Yep -- you just need to focus on GLOWING!:)
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