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april 28, 2012

anyone else getting married on this date?
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Re: april 28, 2012

  • Yes! Me! We just booked our venue this past weekend! April 28, 2012!!!! I can't wait! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!
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  • I agree about the rain! we booked it all indoors just in case. I just hope we can squeeze in some photos between showers :)
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  • Add me in!   Ayer, where are you getting married, as I see you are in the Philly area.  We booked our venue a few weeks ago, in the Northeast. :)  Is anyone else frustrated (in a good way) with how far away this date seems?  lol.  We got engaged in June, and it felt then like it was so far away..some vendors will not even book until a year out.  Now, i can't believe it is only a year and a half.  But I am still hesitant to really start doing anything. We have the church as well as the DJ (family friend). 
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  • I went ahead and booked the church, the reception venue and the photographer to lock in 2010 prices :) 
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  • That's my date too! Booked the reception hall, church, photographer, and DJ. I, too, am worried about rain, but you take that risk with any date you book. It rained at my friend's wedding in July... and she had an outdoor wedding! But it all worked out.  It will be here before you know it!  Happy planning ladies!
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    Me!! I got engaged in February 2010 and booked the venue in March 2010. It definitely seemed so far away at the time, but now that it's 18 months away it seems like it's finally in reach!

    The good things about a long engagement so far have included:
    1) Spreading out the spending
    2) Plenty of time to Price Shop

    The bad things about a long engagement so far have included:
    1) Vendors saying "Call back in 2011 to make an appointment"
    2) Places saying "We can't give you a price this far in advance"

    Can anyone else relate?
  • I definitely can relate, as I ran into the problem with vendors not booking.  Some places have been good though, and have locked in prices for this year, like our venue.  The pro has definitely been more time to save.  We have been doing very well with putting away a certain amount each month. 
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  • I am a 4/28/12 bride as well! We got engaged in Jan 2010 and the last ten months have just flown by. Now that we are 18 months away, it is just unreal. We have the venue and DJ down. This week I am calling the church and florist to set up some appointments. I know almost everyone I am going with, just have to put down the deposits. I defintely feel finally I can start working on things without people thinking I am crazy for waiting until April 2012. It will be here before we know it!
  • Songbirdz, I am getting married at Coatesville Country Club!  What venue did you book?
    And yes, I definitely feel frustrated with how far away it is! But on the bright side, I'm glad I have time to save and book the vendors I want at good prices! Happy planning!
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  • Me too! We've booked venue only, but now I'm getting nervous about DJ and photographer!
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  • I am getting married on this date too!!!  Where is everyone getting married???
  • HI LADIES!!! Getting married 4/28/2012 at Lake Lanier Islands Resort in GA! CANT WAIT!!!!!! CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR NO RAIN!! CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!!!Laughing will be a wonderful day for us all!!
  • Luck guys. I'm not getting married. I created this because I love future. & past. So all of you, enjoy this day. Forever and ever. It's the most important day of your life. I hope you go out there and make every moment memorable. Good luck x hope it's sunny!
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