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Reception Venues in Auburn/Opelika Alabama

I am getting married in October in the Auburn/Opelika area. I am on a very tight budget. Most of the guests will be coming from up North so we would need a place that we can party all night! Any suggestions? We have looked at quite a few places just haven't found the one. I wonder if it will be like choosing my fiance or a house will I just know when I find it? It's frustrating! You would think it would be easier to pick the location. Depending on the reception site we are going to have the ceremony at Trinity United Methodist. Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Reception Venues in Auburn/Opelika Alabama

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    I am trying to recall where that church is, but it is not coming to mind.  I looked at the Webster House out towards Locapoka for mine and absolutely loved it because it offers both outdoor and indoor options.  I was also recently at a retreat in Fountainview and it is very pretty.  Greystone is also a good option and it is closer to the downtown area.  Jule Collins and the AU Hotel offer sites for weddings and receptions as well.  We are having ours at Chewacla if you want to do the outdoor route and it was VERY affordable.  Hope this helps!
  • Event Center too if you are ok with Opelika.
  • Like ReginaKS said, consider the Downtown Event Center. I am pretty sure Trinity is on 2nd Avenue so they are within blocks from each other. You may also want to consider Brownfield House in Opelika or Marriott Grand National. I do not know the prices, but that does help determine your site. I do not think that there will be a "this is it" feeling similar to finding FI or home. We went off of the feeling that it would be a good party atmosphere and fit within our budget.

    Of all three I have mentioned, I have been to events at Brownfield. To date, that place, provided event's couple, was by far the best reception I've attended.

    Greystone in Auburn is similar to Brownfield. Fountainview, I hear, is a budget buster. With a ceremony to be held in Opelika, consider staying in Opelika. Your guests are liable to be more appreciative.

    Best wishes!
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