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First Dance and Dance Lessons

Hi Ladies!

Sorry - I have a lot of questions on this topic

FI and I love to dance but we are not very good, and I really don't like being the center of attention. 

Are you doing a first dance?  How long is your first dance lasting?

Are you taking dance lessons?  Is so, how many lessons and how far before the wedding?

Can anyone recommend a vendor in the PGA/West Palm Beach area?

What song are you dancing to?


Re: First Dance and Dance Lessons

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    Don't worry, the song for the first dance is usually a couple minutes long. The DJ won't play the whole song because they already know your guests will be restless watching you dance an entire song. As for dance studios, I can remember the Fred Astaire studios and Paramount Ballroom. We haven't decided on a first dance.
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    I have no idea how to dance... My FI does but we haven't practiced yet. We are dancing to God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton. I also asked the DJ to shorten the song so its only a couple minutes.

    If you are planning on doing something simple check You Tube first.. I Know they have a lot of "How To" videos. Will save you time and money instead of getting dance lessons.
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    Our first dance was a 3 minute song. We took 2 lessons at Fred Astaire in Jupiter. We had a groupon for 2 lessons and felt that was enough to make us comfortable with basic moves.
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    My husband and I danced to "Steady as we go" by Dave Matthews Band and we danced the entire song. We love the lyrics to it and it hit close to home for us. My hubby is a great dancer and as for me....I am an awesome dancer with some alcohol in me, lol. I'm a shy dancer but I didn't take any dance lessons and we did just fine with our first dance. I didn't step on his toes or anything, I just followed his lead :)
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