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Majority of guests are Japanese - still need registry?


I figured this would be the most understandable board to write to... since most people in the regular Registry board seem to think you should always have some sort of registry, but without considering other customs.

My fiance and I are both Japanese (2nd generation... both our parents were born and raised in Japan, then moved to Hawaii), and more than half the guests are relatives and close family friends that are also Japanese.  Most likely we know, that they will be giving cash as gifts, since that is customary.  I don't think many of them will even know how to use registries...

We've been living together for almost 2 years and already have a furnished home, so I don't see the point of having a registry.  I was wondering if anyone is or has been in a similiar situation.

Re: Majority of guests are Japanese - still need registry?

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    If a registry fits then use it, if not, then don't. There's no written rule that says that you must use a Registry.

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    I'm in the same boat but over 90% of my guests are Vietnamese.  My advice is not to use a registry.  It will be wasted effort.  If any friends inquire whether you have one, tell them that their presence is a gift to you, but if they want to give a gift, lucky money is the best way to go.  Make sure your bridal party knows this so they know how to respond if asked.

    I find that most people are relieved when they don't have to figure out what you need, especially when the B&G are already established in a home.  It's easier on both parties.  The people who insist on a non-cash gift will bring you something regardless what you say.
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    Thank you clearheavens!  I didn't even know what registries were until I went to college in the mainland, and the whole concept of it weirded me out (making a giant wish list of the exact things you wanted?).  I didn't go to many weddings in Hawai'i when I was growing up... and my parents always gave cash as a gift!

    I've decided not to bother with a registry.  All our family and friends know that my fiance and I have been together for over 9 years and are pretty set in our home.  If anyone asks, I'll just say that their presence at the wedding will be the present :)
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    I agree. You don't  need it if most of your guests aren't going to use it.

    My FI is white and a registry is standard. If his family wasn't expecting us to register for fine china and crock pots I wouldn't do it either! cash is the best gift ever!
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