Wedding Woes


I got a rejection email on the job I applied for, it's my lack of at least 6 months of experience holding me back. But even if I had a job right out of school, I still wouldn't have 6 months worth of time, so I shouldn't beat myself up over it. But I am a teensy bit.

My brother could use some purple shirt vibes, he had an interview today, his first good prospect since graduation.

Thanks for all the vibes last week, Grandmother is doing ok, she's out of the hospital, into rehab and wants very badly to be back in her assisted living apartment. She ended up having a big knock to the noggin and a slight fracture of her hip. The fracture wasn't anything surgery could help (too small) so it is PT and OT to get her moving again. Her memory seems to have taken a ding from the fall, but since she had a heart attack a while back and coded, her memory hasn't been the same anyway, so we are watching her closely as are her doctors.

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