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curly girls

hi ladies!!
do any other curlies have pics form their weeddings, or inspiration pics they'd like to share? everything i'm finding is either too short or not natural- things my curls will not put up with.  below are pics of what my curls do left to their own devices.  ;)


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Re: curly girls

  • My hair is curly but short.  I haven't found any great inspirational pics yet
  • I always say to check out projectwedding. I love the Knot but for hairstyle inspirations I would try to go there!
  • Here are a few of my half up/half down style.  I have really curly hair also.  Stylist actually had to flat iron the front pieces and recurl them after they were in place.  We tried the veil just pulling the hair back and it looked terrible.  I was lucky enough to find a stylist who has worked with curly hair for more than 20 years.

    You may have to click on the photo to get a better look.

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  • I couldn't find anything I liked, so I had my stylist flat iron me out, then pin curl.  But I also wear my hair straight a lot, so it fit.  Good luck though!


  • my hair is too curly to flat iron.  it just wants to be curly soooo badly, it creeps back in by the end of the day.

    this is after a fresh flat ironing. (4 hours?)

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  • Your hair is beautiful the way it is. I think you should just keep it down to show it off. Not many girls can say they have natural curly hair like us so it's nice to let it down and show it off. That's how people know you. Your curls. I know I'm keeping my curly hair down for my wedding. However it's up to you. I hope you find something you like. :)
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    These are some I am think about
  • Oh I like those!  I agree that curly hair is a very signature look for us lucky women.  With that in mind, think about do you want to look like you or a "modified" you on your wedding day?  I wear my hair mostly down and all curly most of the time, so I figure it will be more "me" if I wear it curly and down then.  Heck, I'll probably end up in a ponytail by the end of the night, but at least it will start our perfect!
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  • I'm having this same problem! My hair is very similar to yours OP! I rarely straighten my hair and I want to look like "myself" on my wedding day! Recently TK had a style I saved for inspiration:

    This is the look I'd like to go for! Maintaining the natural curls. HTH! :o)

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  • My daughter has super curly hair like yours.  She fights it but it is so pretty.  She recently had something called a brazilian keratin treatment.  It's sort of a conditioner that is "set" with heat.  It relaxed it just a little and keeps it from getting so frizzy, but it still retains some of the natural curl.
  • @ tashala107   that look is SO cute. i love the super feminine looks for curls, and that's pretty much my exact hair texture- taking that pic to the stylist!

    @vmmom i've been leaning towards the BKT - the girls on are sort of 50/50 on it. it's a lot of checmical, but everyone that has it, loves it.

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