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Ladies I need your help! My fiance and I got engaged in June and booked a venue and put down the deposit in October. Everyone is telling us we should book the photographer and a Dj soon..is it too early? All of this is pretty overwhelming, I'm searching for opinions :) thanks -Megan

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  • I guess it depends on your area? Here in the mountains October is SUPER busy for weddings. I am booking my venue 1.5 years out which is April (mostly because my venue is new and does not want to book yet).

    If your area is super busy in October I would go ahead and book if possible.

    Also it depends on the Dj or photog. They might not want to book this early and ask you to come back later like my venue did.
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  • Thanks for your help! I'm going to contact the wedding coordinator and see if we are on track!
  • We have booked our reception venue and church already, but are wating on the other stuff.  I am going to book my photographers soon, only because I really really want to use a certain photography and want to be sure to reserve my date.  As far as DJ's and stuff like that, there are a ton around my area so I'm not too worried about it yet.
  • I would worry about it only if the vendors you are interested in book quickly. It does depend on where you are and how busy Oct is for your area. If you have your heart set on a certain vendor, book as soon as they will let you. Don't forget to use the Knot Checklist!
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  • For us, out date and locations book fast. Our ceremony and receptions venues are both booked. FI dad runs one of the best DJ companies in our area, so booked and "paid." Photographer is booked and deposit down. We have quite a few things checked off, but I guess it depends on if you have a particular vendor in mind :)
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  • I am from the same area as you.  October is a VERY busy month.  I have already booked my venue and photographer.  I got the last Saturday available In October at my venue.  I also got a list of the Djs that were available for my date from the company that I wanted to go through.  The two that I wanted are already gone. I thought a year and 8 months was far enough in adavance but I guess not.  There are a lot of bridal shows right now so people are meeting vendors and making appointments.  I would book those three things now and then take a break until the fall.
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  • Thanks for the info ladies! We already have our venue booked and I've already contacted Dj's and photographers. I've gotten a lot of invites for bridal shows and stuff just need to find the time :)
  • Thanks for the suggestions ladies! We already have our venue booked and I contacted a few photographers and Dj's in the area! Why is all of this so stressful and overwhelming? there's so much to do! :)
  • We also have almost everything booked. Photographer posted on fb (she went to our high school) that she was excited she was already booking into 2013 so we are booking her this weekend. Our venues were also already booking back in September when we started to look so we booked those right away.


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    Just think of the girls who are planning for October of this year! :) You're doing the best for you (and your FI's sanity) by getting everything done early. We've got a venue and are hopefully booking a photographer some time this weekend...next is catering. October's the new June, lock in those prices before they rise again. :)

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  • I wanted to get everything done as early as possible, because I am planning from out of state. I just think it will make my life much easier in the long run to have it booked nice and early and not have to worry. We booked our venue and church last weekend when we were in New York, and will be looking at photographers and such when we are in New York next month.
  • we have our venue, dj and photographer booked.  THe dj just happens to be a friend of mine but the photographer was important to me as these photos we will have to remember they day by.  So i didnt want to run into having a photographer that I really like already be booked.  ALso FI and I are one tight budget so getting contracts ect in stone helps us know the final number as much as possible But I think its completely up to you
  • It's never too early when you're sure of things. I have most of my wedding done and it's not til October 2013. It's a great money saver because most places give you a 2012 rate for 2013 and some places book very far in advance. It also gives you a chance to get good deals, and pay everything off gradually so you don't feel so overwhelmed. For instance, we rented a photo booth which normally goes for almost 1,500 and we paid 597. It's totally worth it. If you and your fiance agree on something book it and check it off your list! Good luck with everything!
  • So far I've got a really good idea of what I want my wedding to look like and I've found the dress, but everyone keeps telling me I have tons of time. It sort of feels that way, but then again I keep thinking that the earlier we get this stuff decided, booked and planned, the less stress for me and my fiance. Or am I just being completely OCD and pre-mature?

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