Hey! I remember you saying you used HyVee for their pasta bar and I just had a couple of questions for you! We are using HyVee for sure but we haven't set the menu in stone yet. We keep flip-flopping on what we want. We were set on the pasta bar, but my mom is worried that the pasta will get soggy. Did you have any problems with this? Also, did you just do the pasta and the caesar or did you add an additional side? I kind of feel like the pasta and the caesar isn't enough, but I'm not sure what would be good with it? Thanks so much!

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    Hi there - I know this post is not directed toward me but I thought I'd weigh in that I did attend a wedding last October at The Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood, IA. The wedding was beautiful for sure but they did use HyVee's pasta bar and I hate to say it but the pasta was soggy. They had marinara and alfredo sauces with meatballs and garlic sticks. The watery, sogginess totally ruined what could have been simple and yummy in itself. I'm not sure if your at the Fountains, but I think this is hard to avoid since the catering is offsite...they need to keep the food "alive" as long as possible. Maybe just voice your concern w/ HyVee that you want to specifically avoid this as much as possible. What else are you considering serving? Good luck to you guys!
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    Hey, in my personal experience (ie. we got served first of course) the pasta was not soggy.  However I'm not sure what the guests at the end of the line experienced.  We were told the food was amazing and had no complaints, even from family afterwards.  I agree, I didn't think the buffet would be enough so we added a fresh fruit tray.  So we had bow tie pasta and alfraedo noodles, meat sauce, alfraedo sauce, breadsticks, garden salad, and fruit.  We also got married at the Fountains and had no problems with the food being over/undercooked or bad because it was brought in.  I loved our food and thought Hy-Vee did a great job.  Just wanted to throw that positive reaction in for you. 
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    ps. akardisco- I love your dress!
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    I'm so glad to hear you had a positive experience! We decided to go with the pasta bar but we're adding green beans also. I love the idea of fruit though! It seems to lighten the meal up! I might have to see how much extra that would be.

    Thanks for the comment on my dress! I love your wedding picture. You were a beautiful bride!!
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    Thank you :) I want to say the fruit was around $200 for fresh fruit (in October) for around 150 people.  Not bad, I didn't think.  I definitely think you'll be fine with adding green beans, adding one more thing to the buffet was the perfect amount of food too.
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