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My MOH is throwing me a bridal shower. I don't want a lingerie shower I prefer to buy my own. Since I love to shop...and everybody knows this...she came up with the idea of an "envelope bridal shower" where guests bring gift cards to my favorite places to shop eat. Creative or tacky?

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    Absolutely tacky.  Anything except boxed gifts at a bridal shower is tacky- you should never, ever, ever ask for money at a shower, which is what gift cards are.  (Sorry, btw, I'm sure your MOH meant well.  But people will seriously side-eye this one and it'll make you look incredibly gift-grabby.  If you don't believe me, take a look through any recent archives of advice columnists lately, where people regularly have been writing in, appalled by their friends and relatives' shilling for cash at showers.  People get seriously insulted by it.)
  • Thanks for the advice...I appreciate it! Any suggestions for a type of shower to give besides lingerie?
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    [QUOTE]Thanks for the advice...I appreciate it! Any suggestions for a type of shower to give besides lingerie?
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    I've actually never been to a bridal shower that was a lingerie shower. Is this common in your area? All showers I've been to, guests have usually purchased items off the bride's registry. Are you registered? If not, I would consider politely declining the shower anyway since the point is to give physical gifts. It's hard for guests to do this if they have no idea what you want.

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  • Totally tacky idea.  The point of a shower is to bring the bride physical gifts.  Create a registry and people will use it as a gift guide.
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    Very tacky!

    If you want to have a personal shower, I wonder if it's possible to create an online 'wish list' with Victorias Secret or some other lingerie store? You could give the password to your sister. She can either include the password on the invitations or print out a list for the guests. The drawback, IMO, is that you have to share some very personal information, such as sizes. But returns should be easy in case of duplicates or wrong sizes.

    Most of the shower I have attended are not themed. The guests purchase gifts off the wedding registry. Sometimes the bms purchase lingerie for their gift to the bride. If you want a theme, how about a 'stock the bar' shower?
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    I've only been to one shower where the bride received lingerie, and it was one gift out of about 50.  My shower was Saturday, and a few people that couldn't attend mailed my mom cards that I opened at the shower, which contained gift cards.  Even though it was less than 5, watching someone open envelopes is boring, and that's when the party kind of took a dive.  I can't imagine having a shower where you only watched the bride open envelopes.

    If you must theme it, I would go with stock the bar.
  • If you like cooking maybe a kitchen party. All the guests can bring their favorite kitchen item and bring their favorite recipe. You can then put them all in a book and maybe make tiny copies of everyones recipes to send along with your thank you cards.

  • Google bridal shower themes, you'll get a TON of ideas. Holiday themed (the invites specify each guests holiday) Kitchen themed, "around the clock" where guests bring a gift you would use at certain time of day. I'm having a "scrapbook" shower. There will be supplies out for each guest to make a page for shower/wedding/honeymoon photos that I will fill in.
  • For my BFF, we are throwing a wine tasting shower. She and her FI like wine and they got engaged an a winery. We will be setting up areas with different food and wine options and at each station there will also be a question about the couple. We are providing an a card for everyone to write their answers on and giving out small prizes to those with correct answers later in the shower. I liked the idea of everyone being able to answer questions as they mingle, rather than us just reading them off as they are just sitting there. We are suggesting that guests bring a bottle of wine, and the bridesmaids are pitching in to get the couple a wine fridge. Most people have told us that they plan on selecting a gift from the registry as well.
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