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E-pics & check!


We are having our e-pics taken tomorrow in Boston and I cannot wait!  I'm so excited to work with our photographer, Rachel Kate!  I'm a little nervous since I'm getting my hair & makeup done first (by Caitlin Murphy) and I've never been happy with getting my hair done in the past but I'm hopeful it will turn out well.  I'll try to post some pics when we get them back or if we are blogged.  I know one my favorite things is seeing other people's e-pics & wedding pics.  :)

I'm also sending out our deposit to the florist today!  We are going with Jen Cahill from the Tangled Web.  I'm in love with her work and I think she gets our vision for the wedding.

It will feel good to have one more thing done.  Next on the list, save the dates!

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