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Wedding Ideas..What do you think?

So we finally have some money saved (yay tax return!) so we can start planning our wedding!!  I have been thinking about having the wedding in April but who knows what the weather will be like! 
Anyways if the weather permits we would like to have the ceremonyin the park outside of my church. And have the reception in a reasturant that has a room, it is a room that fits about 200 people but I think would be very crowded and then we would have to move tables and chairs to dance. 
My mom sugguested having dinner at the church and then just have the dance and everything at the reasturant?  I think it is a good idea but I have a feeling everyone would just go home after we eat and no one would come drink, dance, have cake, and hang out! Any ideas or insight! Do you think its a crazy idea? Or should I just figure out something else?

Re: Wedding Ideas..What do you think?

  • Depends on the crowd you are inviting. Does the resturant have enough space for dancing?

    To be honest if I were invited to a wedding at a resturant I wouldnt expect dancing after the dinner.

  • why split the venue? After having the meal at the church, why not follow that with the dancing and cake and whole 9 yards there? most chruches will allow you to bring in a DJ/MC for the event and against depending on the church you might be able to get in the day before to set up and not have to worry about tear-down untill the following day.  Also it you work out the details with your church office you might even be able to arrange to use the church as you 'rain day' location incase the weather is either too cold or too wet eliminating the need for chair rental.

    Personally, my fience and I are going out after the wedding and reception to a bar to have a more intimate celebration with close friends.
  • Many churches don't allow dancing in their reception halls. Is that the case for your situation OP? I think alot of people would skip out after dinner. It looks like your options are:
    1. Have the whole reception at church and skip the dancing (if not allowed).
    2. Trim the guest list to allow room for a dance floor at the restaurant.
    3. Find a venue that allows you room for all your guests and dancing.
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  • I don't think you should break up the wedding into 3 different sections; kinda odd to go to a wedding where I'd have to go to 3 different places and having 3 venues could get expenisve, no?

    I owuld just find another venue where you can fit your 200 guests and still have room for dancing. That is how I narrowed down a lot of venues... I have 150 more or less on my guest list and also want space to dance, move around and mingle and th eplace I found was pretty cheap per person just to rent the space.
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  • I also would probably not attend the third part; it just seems silly and a hassle.  MJandDL's options pretty much sum it up.  I'd look for a different venue.

    Also, you mention even without a dance floor you feel it would be tight with 200 people - take that into consideration.  One of the places we looked at claimed they could accomodate 300, but based on my dad and uncle's experience attending functions there they said it starts to feel VERY full around 200 / 225 so we took them off the list.  Just b/c they say they can doesn't mean you want to.  Trust your gut on that a bit
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