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So.. what are all you girls doing for guest books???? I might be doing a wooden bench so everyone can sign it, write advice for us and wishes and then after the wedding put sealant on it and use it as a decorative peice for our future home!

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    We talked about this a few weeks ago on here.  The post is almost all the way to the bottom of the first page of Maine posts.
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    oh but i will talk about wedding things over and over again--i dont think i posted at the last one anywho

    I am planning on doing a fingerprint 'family' tree. With a black trunk and red leaves (Red, black and white are my colors)

    similar to this :

    I am 'artsy' so i will draw the tree myself and provide ink and a pen to sign and wipes for everyones fingers
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    OMG!  I love that!  I initially wanted to do a group painting but couldn't get around the idea of people getting paint on their clothes - this seems like a perfect compromise!  thanks!
    August 28th, HERE I COME!
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    wowww that is a great idea! Keep them coming ladies! My fiance proposed to me while we were camping so I want to try and incorporate something like that into the guest book.. so far no luck!
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    Make a photobook on Shutterfly using pics of you guys camping and have people sign it. I did this with engagement pics.

    Or buy a photography book of the area where you were camping and have people sign that. Then you could keep it out on your coffee table.
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    We are thinking of putting my wicked old Smith-Corona typewriter (for which I will need to find a new ribbon) - but I am loving the family tree idea!  Hmmmm...
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