How far in advance should FI go for his tux?

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Re: Tuxes

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    We went with Men's Wearhouse for our wedding NEXT weekend (EEK).  Anyway...we ended up going in July and it was plenty of time.  And oddly enough, their tuxes were ready 2 days ago and FI went to get his yesterday.  Crazy to think its hanging in our closet now!  We never expected they'd be available already when they quoted an October 6 pick-up!
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    DH ended up reserving his really early....maybe a year in advance? through Men's Wearhouse.  But I called probably 6 months in advance to update the colors and then again like 1 month in advance to add on the ringbearers (since they couldn't get fitted too far in advance).  Like PP said, their tuxes ended up being ready maybe a week in advance?  I was expected chaos the day before the wedding but it worked out great.  I think the initial reason he reserved so far in advance was because his mother was in Men's Wearhouse for something else and heard about he free suit deal....but you can only cash in on the free suit like 2 weeks before the wedding anyway.

    Good luck!
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    we're a month out and finally got the suits, it worked out great
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    Thanks everyone! It's so unfair, we have to spend months and months, freaking out about our own dress and our bridesmaids, and the guys can do it 1 month in advance and be just fine! It's tough being a bride!
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    We went at the end of July for our October wedding. By the time all of the guys ended up getting measured it was the beginning of September. I wouldn't go more than 2-3 months before your wedding, because the shop won't order them until 4-6 weeks beforehand. That's what they told us.
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    It really depends on where you're going and what time of year it is.  We didn't go with a national chain for DH's tux.  It was a local mom and pop store.  It also happened to be that there were a few proms going on the same weekend as our wedding.  If we hadn't booked the tuxes way in advance, we wouldn't have been able to use that company because of the prom tux rentals.  They have all their tuxes in house.  They don't get brought in from a giant central warehouse somewhere, so what they have there is all that's available.  When we were doing our planning, I had heard so many horror stories about Men's Warehouse that I was leery of using them.  I haven't heard anything bad about them recently though.

    I would suggest calling the company you are considering using and get a timetable from them.  They should be able to provide you with an idea of when you should reserve the tuxes.
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    We're doing it in Late Jan/early Feb for our April wedding..
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