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Great place but the guy who is in charge was rude ALL DAY of the wedding.  Rude to my mom, sisters, family!  Wedding was awesome except for him! I would ask to have someone else run the show there.  Beautiful place, great staff, awesome food just need a new guy in charge. 


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    Oh wow, I am so sorry you had so much trouble! My Fiance's cousin is getting married there this Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. We had actually looked at this venue when we were trying to decide on one a while ago...

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    I hope things go great :) The place is really wonderful and food is great!  He is my only complaint!  Hope this helps someone when deciding where to get married...

    He was not very nice throughout the day.  Everytime I asked a question before the wedding day he would get frustrated with me that I had another question.  He has been doing this for so long that I think he forgets we don't get married all the time.  This is supposed to be our special day and we want things to go close to perfect.  The day will always have some things go wrong of course which can't be controlled but everything that made my family or myself upset was because of him.  I asked him to play a video I had worked on for 4 months at the reception and gave it to him at 2:00 for the 6:30 pm wedding.  He said he would take care of it.  The video did not work and he didn't seem to care.
    My mom asked him for some help moving flower pots and he rolled his eyes and asked why they needed to be moved. (they were all dead but a few) He yelled at my cousin, wouldn't allow wedding party ANY alcohol before the wedding even though I specifically said they are allowed 2 beers and a shot each.  We paid for an open bar for 5 hours and he was cutting people off??? My sister was on her 4th beer (in 4 hours!!!!) and he said I don't think you need anymore.  He also stopped letting people request music including myself!   My aunt made our cake and she gave him Brian card and said if you want to use me again... he cut her off and said nope I already use someone and walked away. (he did not know she was my aunt!)    

    He may know what he is doing but I think he lost the passion to help people plan their wedding.   I would suggest this place to anyone.  The view, food, staff everything was wonderful except for Brian.  I would ask for someone else to help on your special day.  Hope this helps anyone:)  
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    Wow that really sucks. I'm sorry you went through that. I would call them up and let them know what you told us. I don't know how much it will help now after the fact but maybe it can save another bride from going through what you guys went through.
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    Wow, Im sorry to hear that. Im glad I read this my cousin is getting married there next fall! I will tell her about it!
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