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Just wondering, were you charged extra when you wanted to add additional bridesmaids and groomsmen?

We are wanting to get married at Caesars Palace....the pkg we are looking at states "2 attendants on each side", I've asked if it were possible to have more but it would cost us $100.00 for each pair.  Money mouth That's a tad pricey.

Anyway, I guess we can just stick with two pairs of attendants, but was wondering if anyone else had to pay extra $$$.

Re: Additional Attendants

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    Do they mean that the flowers are an additional $100 per pair? My package at PH had flowers for just the MOH and Best Man. We added another BM and GM and the additional flowers for them came out to just under $100.
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    no, if we wanted to have three sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen, we would have to pay an extra $100.00 (as the pkg only allows for 2 sets).
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    Yes this is what we came across at Caesar's as's sooo stupid!!! We had already asked our attendants so we'll have to pay the extra charge. Ugh!
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    Yes, I saw that on my contract for Caesars. Our package allows 3 attendants on each side and we only need one on each so I wonder if they'll let us have more flowers or something. That's probably not likely! lol
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    I think that is the most ridiculous policy.  It's not like the extra attendants are doing anything more than standing up there with you.  I don't get why it matters to the hotel how many people stand up for you.
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    This is my one major complaint about Caesars.  We are only having our BM and MOH up there, but like the PP stated, it's not like having extra attendants affect anything.  This charge is as ridiculous as the fee they charge to take down the fake ivy in the Venus Garden.  It probably takes a minute or two  to pull off, but they want some outrageous fee for it, I think it was 175 dollars or something.
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    ugh, that's not cool.
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    WOW,  This is why I am doing it all in one place.  Maggianos! 
    The prices for bull crap like that is what pisses me off about the casinos.  EXTRA CHARGES FOR EXTRA PEOPLE!  F OFF

    The Wynn wants 1500 for 6 candles... Cears wants a per attendat charge...whats next...
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    It's ridiculous. Extra attendants, you pay a fee ... if you want to use your own flowers, you pay a fee .... you want to use your own unity candle or sand, you pay a fee .... good grief! The packages are plenty, I don't think they need all of these extra charges. 
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    All I can say is.....WTF?? Hummm.... I can understand MAYBE a little decor, but people? Dumb. I HOPE  the WC's are reading this...
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    I paid for 2 extra couples, but it was cheaper than upgrading...
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