OMG. I can not believe that I lost the ring. =(

My grandmother gave me the ring that my grandfather gave to her. My grandfather is my hero, he and my grandmother raised me throughout most of my childhood until my grandfather passed away in 1999 when I was 13. It was devistating...
My fiance used that ring to propose..

The ring was too small and sat in a jewlery box (my grandfathers) in my nighstand drawer. We were waiting to get it sized bigger (I was losing weight and didnt want to have to get it sized 2x)..

I opened the jewlery box often to look at my grandfahters things. I must have knocked the ring out without realizing it. I turned my house upside down on several occasions. cried so much that my nose was bleeding and my fiance was ready to take me to the hospital. Losing that ring was like losing my grandfather all over again. I'm completely devistated/mortified.

My fiance and I went ring shopping today to get a new engagement ring. Our budget is NOT a lot. We didnt want to spend more than $500 or so, but it seems impossible to get a nice ring for more than that.

I dont own any jewlery or wear any, and I want this ring to be nice, i dont want to settle for something that I dont really like. The problem is that I keep comparing everything to the ring that I lost..and NOTHING is nearly as good. The ring that I lost was beautiful. It couldn't have been more perfect.

We went to several places in CT today (jewlery stores) and didnt see anything I liked in our price range. we looked at Kay, Michales (I apologize I can not spell), Valentines in milford.. We even looked at walmart but that was a TERRIBLE experience.

Can anybody suggest a jewlery store where things are not WAY over priced?

Re: OMG. I can not believe that I lost the ring. =(

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    && I should add, the ring was NOT insured. I thought it was silly to get insurance on it while it was just sitting in a jewlery box.

    I have 2 cats, and I have a feeling they may have gotten their paws on it if it were knocked out of the jewlery box.
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    Oh my gosh I am soo sorry to hear this happened!
    I would be devastated. I don't think you are going to have any luck in stores with an engagement ring for under $500... unless you get just a gold band. My sister and her husband chose to elope so she does not have an engagement ring per say.. so she has a plain band. Diamonds are so incredibly expensive, I just don't know IN STORE where youu could find a diamond ring for that budget. I think my sister plans on upgrading someday when things settle down income wise for her and her family but for now she has her plain band which serves as both her engagement and wedding ring. Also, You may want to check online, Not that I recommend buying rings online but There is ONE reputable site I was looking at buying my wedding band from and it was called They have lower prices so you may have some luck there.My FI's brother bought his wife her engagement ring from them and spent half the amount FI did for mine. They have a great reputation for quality, just check the reviews! Goodluck and I hope it turns up somewhere for you at some point!!
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    I am sooooo sorry.  I can imagine how devastated you are.  I know that we're all so in love with having diamonds, and that's what we all expect, but have you considered not getting a diamond?  I know quite a few friends that opted for other stones instead of diamonds.  One just wasn't interested in a diamond, so she has a pink sapphire and another just couldn't afford one so they went with an Asha diamond instead.  Asha diamonds are CZs that are then fused with a layer of real diamonds.  Honestly, when I saw her ring, I never would have knows it wasn't a 'real' diamond if she hadn't told me.  From what I understand they can only tell the difference with a diamond tester because the layer of diamond causes the stone to reflect light exactly like a diamond.  She plans on keeping the asha until they have money for a real diamond.

    If you don't like the idea of a CZ you could also go with another clear stone like white topaz.  Either the CZ or topaz will be far less expensive than a real diamond and would definitely be within your $500 budget if you go with gold versus platinum.

    I think the thing to remember is that the ring is a symbol of your love and commitment for each other.  Your love isn't lost because the ring is.  Of course we all want something beautiful, but sometimes it's just not in the budget to have that extravagant ring and we have to reassess.  If you really want that big stone, I think you're going to have to consider going with something other than diamond.  You can always upgrade later when you can afford it.

    Again, I'm so sorry that you're going through this.  Everything will be fine.  If you want the info on my friends' jeweler that specializes in the Asha diamonds, email me at clee5910 at gmail dot com.  I haven't used him, but she has along with my mom and sister.  Good luck!
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    Go to That's where my ring is from and it's beautiful.
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    Oh JLo, that is so horrible. I would be equally upset. Not to sound all preachy, but have you tried the St.Anthony prayer? It works everytime. Not sure if you're religious, but it wouldn't hurt to persue every avenue at a time like this. In case you haven't heard of it, it goes, "St.Anthony, St.Anthony, come around. Somethings lost and must be found." And you repeat it 3 times. (Personally, I say it over and over in my head until I find whatever it is I'm looking for!) My Nonnie taught it to me when I was little and with my scatteredbrainess, it gets said A LOT! I'll be saying a little prayer for you too today. Hope it turns up!
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    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Have you thought about getting your cats exrayed? If they played with it maybe the swallowed it.

    BlueNile & other clear stones are both good alternatives. Good Luck!
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    I'm so sorry you're going through this, I know I would be heartbroken.

    You can always use an alternative stone, maybe a CZ or White Topaz and  there is also Moissinaite, its a good option, and you should be able to get something in that range if you use gold or platinum.
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    Aww thats really awful that you lost the ring. I would suggest trying out a nice pawn shop.Try to find one that is more like a jewelry store then a place that is filled with junk.  I know it sounds weird, but a good friend of mine bought a 1ct flawless diamond engagement ring  for under $2000 that came with GIA certifications. When she got it apprised  she found out that the diamond is worth almost $11,000! Its defiantly something worth checking out. I am not sure of any in CT. She went to one in VA. Hope that helps you out some!
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    Something is in the air this week, because this week I have lost a diamond earring 2 times!!  I have found it both times and am getting them fixed this week with a screw back. I will say St. Anthony's prayer for you!
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    I am so sorry to hear that! You never know.. it could still end up turning up when you least expect it. Things like that have a tendency to be found at the oddest times. So don't lose all hope.

    I agree with pp's check out Bluenile! That's where FI got my ring and one of my best friends' husbands got hers from there as well. It's much cheaper to go through there than a local jewelry store and you can custom design your ring. You normally end up paying a lot less than what the ring is appraised for and they all come certified.

    I also like the idea of an alternative stone for now. You can always replace the stone down the road when you guys are more financially secure. HTH! :0)
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your ring getting lost. I noticed that you mentioned your cats may have gotten your ring... mighht they have injested/eaten your ring?  If so, while it's not a plesent idea, you could check their poo to see if they will pass the ring.  I know it's not fun but since the ring means so much to you I say pick up some gloves and check there.  Similar thing happened to my friend. Once it was her cat and she ended up having surgery since the ring wouldn't pass.  The second time it was the dog and a few days of poo inspection later and she got her ring back.  Good luck on finding your ring, both missing and new! 
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    I'm so sorry that you've lost your ring. I'll pray for you to find it!!

    And if it's worth anthing, my one of my rambunctous cat ate my dragon pendant (the size of a nickel) I received as a little girl. I cried when I lost it... and I figured I'd never see it again.. But FI found it when he was scooping the litter- (it must've been painful! for my poor boys!)
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    Go to the Diamond District in New York City.  It is worth spending $30 for the train.  The Diamond District is on 47th Street off of 5th Avenue.  My fiance purchased for me an INCREDIABLE ring for $6,000 less then what it would be in CT.  Our jeweler on 47th Street is Mark Awad.  He info is 55 West 47th Street, Booth 165.  (212) 997-1990.  [email protected]  Tell him that you got his name from Theresa.  He will know who I am.
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