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B&M / Open Letter Tuesday & Wednesday

I guess I'll post for the week. :) Sorry we missed Tuesday. What's there to B&Moan about, ladies? And since it is Wednesday, write out anything you cant say out loud. whether its to yourself, your co worker, friend, FI, DH, In-Laws, etc. :)
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Re: B&M / Open Letter Tuesday & Wednesday

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    There are some conversations that should never be had. R still wants to be friends, but he all he wants to talk about is either how he wants to fix things but "can't", or That Girl. He'll complain to me about her, and he'll gripe about some thing or another that she's doing "wrong," tell me I was so much better at this thing than she is, tell me he misses me and all that, and then in the next breath tell me how happy he is with her. And it kills me a little more every time.

    You’d think I’d learn. But no. He’s like a drug, and I’m like an addict. Or maybe I’m just an idiot.


    Gonna write at length in my journal. Gonna put some things in a box and hide it till I decide whether I want to burn ‘em, bury ‘em, or just get rid of ‘em. Gonna try to get back the pieces of my heart that he stole and hid from me and then refused to give back, though I don’t know how yet. Gonna somehow find Happy in the midst of all this Angry-Sad-Hurt. Dunno how I’ll do that either. Yet.


    Gotta get that boy outta my system. He’s become toxic.

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    I am frustrated that I can't conduct my audits properly since I don't have direct access to things. I've been waiting on a request for a week now. I so wish I could shut it down and say they failed, but I can't.

    And apparently either I have TMJ or some sort of inflammation of my eustachian tube in my left ear that causes pressure/pain. Blurgh. So annoying.
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    My bridesmaids’ saris are a disaster.  We ordered them in June from India.  my mom went to pick them up this week and they are the wrong color, wrong beading and super expensive.  My mom refused to buy them.  so now, we are looking at 3 teal saris and 4 pink saris.  I wanted all 7 bridesmaids to wear the same thing.  Now, we are mixing and matching.  Plus, my colors are hot pink and royal blue.  Ugh, 7 weeks before the wedding and I am changing the colors!  So annoying….
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