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Trying to breathe a little!

Hi girls! I've only got one month to go before the big day and I'm kind of always slightly panicked now. I'm a super organized person so I'm trying to keep my lists up and to do's crossed off, but I still feel so worried. My reception site coordinator decided she would be extending her maternity leave and therefore not back in time for my wedding. I also just remembered today that I need to find a box for the cards! Has anyone else had these feelings of pressure and if so, how do you cope?

Re: Trying to breathe a little!

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    Slow down.  Remember you're getting married, and that's the important thing.  Everyone gets panicked at some point, but just try to remember the positives.

    For now, try to get comfortable with the person filling in for your coordinator and take the last minute to-do's one step at a time.  I can't even count how many times I went to hobby lobby or Joann's for that kind of little stuff.  In the end, none of the details matter.  I didn't believe that before the wedding, and you might not either, and that's okay too.

    Your mantra for the next month:
    I'm getting married.  Everything will be great.  (Repeat)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! I needed that. And it helps to hear from someone who just went through it.
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