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What to do when having an outdoor ceremony

My FI and I are having our ceremony outside in September and we dont like the idea of having a long ceremony but we don't want it to be boring either. I know I want to jump the broom but I dont have any idea of what else to do we were going to do the unity candles but if it's windy we can't do
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Re: What to do when having an outdoor ceremony

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it being boring: you are commiting your lives to one another in front of witnesses, not entertaining a paying audience :)

    Your officiant can give you guidance on things to include; my advice is to pick things that are special to you as a couple. Don't have a reading unless the passage is special to you, don't pick music unless the pieces mean something to you, etc. As long as everything in the ceremony is meaningful to you both, it will be lovely regardless of length.

    You can still do a unity candle if you would like. Just grab from the dollar store some hurricane glasses tall enough to block the wind, and have them on hand just in case. It was slightly breezy at our wedding, but our unity candle was fine.
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  • Our ceremony was maybe 8-10 minutes long.  It wasn't boring. People laughed, cried, cheered during our vows.  We didn't have a reader or a singer during the ceremony.  We had a flautist "flute" me down the aisle, and our officiant (who is also a friend) opened with some words.

    You don't have to entertain people. They are there to witness your vows. 
  • Ditto on what pp's said.  We did a rose ceremony which really was just dh and I giving our moms roses during the ceremony.  
  • Actually, I had the same worries about the unity candle in our outdoor ceremony, so I did some research on alternate unity ceremonies.

    I found a variation that is called a Wine Ceremony, where you take a white and a red, blend them to a rose, then drink the combined wine as a toast to one another.

    It was beautiful, the guests LOVED it (lots of compliments), and it held a lot of really awesome symbolism, which the priest was able to talk about in a small speech.

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  • We had a beach wedding and because it was small we had our mothers talk about us.  It was a very nice way to incorporate everyone that was there.

    We also had a very non traditional wedding where we had blessing with sage and incense.

    Good Luck

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