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Thursday WW Accountability


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I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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Re: Thursday WW Accountability

  • B: oatmeal (3), coffee (2)
    L: cheeseburger mac (8)
    D: tbd

    Total: 13
    Target: 25

    i have to admit, i ate pizza for lunch with my mom yesterday and then FI came home with a surprise dinner....of pizza. i couldnt let it go to waste. so i had pizza for two meals in one day - there go all of my weeklies lol

    House Renovations
    Married Bio


    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
  • Fridge is empty, crap.

    B: apple and yogurt (4)
    S: FiberOne bar (2)
    L: sandwich from deli (7)
    S: carrots and laughing cow (3)
    D: ??? (hopefully not take out.)

    Total: 16
    Target: 30

    WI: yesterday- gained 0.4, but I went home so I was expecting it...
  • I drank a little much last night. Not that I got drunk.... I just had 4 fruity drinks spaced out through the night and I don't think that was entirely necessary. I'll need to do some extra workouts today to help get rid of that.
    Bridal shower tonight. Yay!

    B: leftover chicken and wild rice casserole (4), grande nonfat iced caramel macchiato (4)
    S: nonfat yogurt (2)
    L: turkey (1) and avocado (2), sandwich on whole wheat (1), progresso light (1)
    D: green monster smoothie (3)
    S: bridal shower food (?)

    E: P90X kenpo X, back/biceps, ab ripper, maybe some yoga

    Total: 18
    Target: 29
    WI: Saturday
  • Morning!  Getting a manicure tonight so that my nails will be pretty for the wedding-I can't believe it's so close!  It kind of makes me want to put in another workout tonight. Ahh!!!

    B: smoothie (4.5)
    L: whole wheat couscous with shrimp, asparagus, summer squash and zucchini (6)
    D: quesadilla (8)

    Total: 18.5
    Target: 23

    E: 1 hr elliptical this morning, maybe something more tonight.
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  • B: WW bagel (2) WW cream cheese (1)
    S: small yogurt/granola/fruit parfait (1.5)
    L: shimp salad sandwich (7?)
    S: yogurt (1) granola (1) - didn't know they were having free parfaits in the office this morning!
    D: grilled chicken breast (3) green beans (0) mashed potatoes (2)

    E: 45 min run, maybe 1/2 NMTZ

    total: 18.5
    target: 21

  • Hey peeps!

    B: Nature Valley crunchy granola (4)
    L: smart one angel hair pasta (4)
    S: apple (1)
    D: wings - I'm going to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, but I will not get out of control!

    Total: 9
    Target: 26

    WI: Tuesday- was down 1.6 which I know is great, but it left me .6 shy of being down 20lbs. hoping for next week!

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  • Hello everyone!  Sounds like everyone is doing well today!

    (B) - 3/4 c Spec K High Protein with 1/2 c Fiber one and 3/4 c FF milk, 1 FF yogurt (3)
    (L) - Grilled cheese (2 light slices ww bread, 2 slices FF cheese), 10 carrots, 3 Goya Cookies (3)
    (S) - Luna Bar (3), 3 wafer cookies (2)  (5)
    (D) - Chinese Diet Chicken with Vegetables (~5), couple bites of rice (1), 2 sm cream cheese won tons (4)
    (Des) - 3/4 c FF ice cream with FF caramel (3)

    Total - 24
    Goal - 20

    I went a little over today :(  Oh well - just a few WP's!  Keep up the good work everyone!
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