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Engaged but still need to ring shop

*sigh* Now I know why Big got Carrie a ring......... just not the same without it. Fiancee' proposed and I said yes of course.. we still need to shop for a ring. He wants to surprise me but I told him what I want.. he's figured out my style already. I want it to be gorgeous which it will be. Havent announced anything because of it. Does it feel weird that I am planning (he's doing more planning than me) without something to seal the deal? Undecided

Re: Engaged but still need to ring shop

  • Thanks so much... he's freaking out over it and its making ME nervous and antsy! 

  • It bothered me that my husband proposed without a ring.  I didn't feel engaged until we got the ring about 2.5 weeks later when we picked it out together. 
  • My guy wanted to wait until he got *the* ring to ask... but in the end, he just used a ring he has had since he was a teenager and popped the question with the statement "The real proposal is coming along with the real ring!" I don't mind the stand-in and it lets me announce our good news, start planning and still give him hints about what kind of E ring I want!
  • Glad I wasnt the only one.. Thanks ladies! :)
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